Friday, November 11, 2016

That's a Wrap: October Empties

TGIF, dear readers! This week has been painfully long, and while I have had some time to get writing done, I just haven't had the focus I needed. I decided last month that I wanted to start doing monthly empties posts, and here we are, almost the middle of November, and I'm finally getting my first one together. I've already started adding items to my collection box for my November post; hopefully it's up the first week! We'll see how it goes! I really should quit rambling and jump in on this post!
I really should have decided to do these posts sooner than October 1st as I emptied out quite a few things in September! That being said, I still have a few things I can share and give feedback about my experiences with the products.
Dry Shampoo

It's no secret that I'm a mom of two young boys. With lots of early morning, late nights, and wakeups in the middle of the night, their needs have always come first. Thankfully, my hair hasn't had to suffer much, beyond the much needed colour touchups and haircuts, at least, due to the fabulous product known as dry shampoo. I have used several different brands over the past few years, but Klorane is my tried and true dry shampoo. It's a little more expensive than others on the market, but it works well for me and well worth the price!

Liquid Courage Perfume Oil

I was cleaning up my swatch room recently and found a cosmetics bag of products hiding behind my desk. It contained some older beauty products that had gone missing, and I was glad I found them again! One of the items in the bag was this small vial of perfume oil from Fortune Cookie Soap's Zombie Survival Kit from last October; was I happy to discover time had not destroyed the fragrance! Unfortunately this was a limited edition scent, but FCS has other scent options and products. Their themed products are always so enjoyable, and I definitely encourage you to check them out!


I have a *ahem* rather extensive nail polish collection, so finishing a bottle of anything other top base or top coats is quite a feat. That being said, it isn't too shocking that I have emptied one of the only bottles of white polish I own as it gets used frequently in nail art. I generally love the formula of Zoya polishes, but the formula of my bottle of Purity left a lot to be desired. Since I only wore white for nail art, I was determined to make do with it, and now that this bottle is empty, I have since moved on to another brand of white polish. Don't worry, Zoya, you are still one of my favorite brands!

Candy Corn Cuticle Oil

Hiding out in my recently-found cosmetics bag was this bottle of candy corn scented cuticle oil! I'm trying to recall if Missi had this scent available for purchase last October or if it is from the year prior, but thankfully the scent had not deteriorated so I could enjoy it for the month! While this scent is no longer available for purchase, I strongly encourage you to try out these cuticle oils. They are arguably my favorite, and I have used a lot of cuticle oils! I've got a rather substantial stash at the moment, and I am still contemplating putting in an order for some of Missi's other scents now.

Beauty-full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

I wasn't originally planning to include these in my empties post since they are sample packets, but I've had readers ask me about these since I posted a photo of them while new on Instagram. I had received these from Influenster to test out, and while I did just that, I didn't feel that two sample-sized packets of shampoo/conditioner was sufficient for thorough testing. Sure, some types products I can make a good assessment with one use, I find hair care products (not styling products) often take more time and exposure. While I'm sure this sounds long-winded, I did want to add that disclosure before going into my thoughts on these products. I wash my hair every two to three days in general, and the timeframe I used just these products (approximately a week and a half), I was not thrilled with the results. Because I don't wash my hair every day, I found the conditioning prior to shampoo to be an unnecessary step. The Tresemme shampoo followed up to really strip my hair of its natural oils such that the first few hours my scalp felt uncomfortably dry until it went into overdrive and my head felt like a disgusting grease pit. I really needed to wash my hair every day using these products, but I don't find that to be the best for hair and scalp health; I had to suck it up for the period I tested it, and I disliked the experience so much I have no problem saying I hated these products. I suppose it is possible my body chemistry would have balanced out with regular use over time, but I did not have that experience with the limited time I used these products, nor will I be purchasing larger bottles to find out.

Blackberry Sage LUXE Sea Salt Scrub

I have been working on finishing up this scrub since May, and I'm a little surprised it actually took me this long to use it. It is a nice salt scrub that definitely did the trick removing dead skin and softening up the rough patched on the backs of my arms. That being said, I prefer the decadence of the Love & Lotus Whipped Sugar  Butter Scrubs more so I'll probably stick with those over the more traditional salt scrub.

And this concludes October's monthly empties lineup! Have you used any of these products? I'd love to hear about your experiences with them! This is new territory for me, so let me know your thoughts on the monthly empties! I feel like I use so many things that never make it on my blog, and that was the driving force in my decision to try this out.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. So now that you know Purity didn't work for you - what white are you using?

  2. I need to try that Blackberry sage salt scrub!!!

  3. I love FCS products! I've been using some of the oils from last year. :) Bummer about Purity - I love Zoya's formula.

  4. Good job! Wish I were a dry shampoo fan, but none of them seem to wok for me. I am a perfume oil fan, however, so thanks for introducing me to FCS. I will check out their site. I am also very impressed that you finished a bottle of polish - that is an accomplishment. Now don't you love recycling all this stuff?!

  5. You finished a whole nail polish bottle - I'm impressed! I've only ever finished top and base coats LOL.

  6. I love empty posts! My Purity is kinda goopy and takes three coats to be opaque

  7. I lurve FCS Products I need to get some more!

  8. I Iove Zoya nail polishes!! ive never finished an entire bottle.

  9. I've been meaning to get back on my Empties posts. You inspire me!

    And klorane is the BEST.

  10. Love the empties posts. I've used that dry shampoo in the past and I really liked it, too. It's one of the best that I've tried.

  11. I love empties posts! Congrats on finishing a whole bottle of polish, even if it is just white. That's truly a feat! I want to try the Klorane dry shampoo so bad, everyone says it's the best.

  12. I looooove empties posts for some reason! And yeah - the only bottles of polish I ever empty are base coat, top coat, or black and white!!

  13. I would love to know white you are using now? I used purity and didn't get on with it x


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