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January Polish Pickup: Ellagee and Lyn B Designs

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Greetings, dear readers! I hope your week has been off to a fabulous start! I don't know about you, but I've had a serious case of the Mondays today; it's not exactly the greatest start to the year as it's only day 2! I did not sleep the greatest last night, and when I finally did, I had the worst dream that just set the tone for my day, no matter how much I tried to shake it. Thankfully I'm in a much better mood this evening than I was earlier today, and I'm hoping the rest of the week continues on a more positive note! Something that always cheers me up is looking at pretty things, so what could be better than a post about pretty nail polish! Let's jump in!

For this evening's blog post, I have two of the polishes that are being offered by the Polish Pickup this weekend. The theme for January is Crystals & Gemstones. As an avid rock collector for almost 30 years now, I was ecstatic when the theme was revealed!

Mojave Twilight

Since I like to keep things in alphabetical order, let's start off with the offering by Ellagee. Mojave Twilight was inspired by the beautiful Mohave turquoise.

Mojave Twilight is a blurple crelly nail polish loaded up with microflakes in bronze, purple, blue, and pink.

This polish is gorgeous! It isn't quite as pigmented as some other Ellagee shades, but this really lets the shades of the microflakes pop against the base shade nicely. I still managed to have full coverage with just two coats on my currently short nails, although those with longer nails will likely need to use a third for opacity. In addition to two coats of polish, I added top coat for extra shine in these photos.

Lyn B Designs

Bismuth is such a pretty metal that is easily grown into fun structures. That being said, I have never seen a crystal structure quite like the one used by Lyn B Designs for her inspiration, but I may have to demand one from now on! How fun is this image! It obviously played a role in the naming of the polish it inspired; Biz-Myth-Icorn is spot on!

Biz-Myth-Icorn consists of purple to blue to red to gold UCC flakes that float in a purple to blue shimmer-filled pale pinky lavender base.

This polish is so pretty and feminine! This is a great interpretation of the inspiration, and it's easy to imagine the flakes all coming together to form a fun crystal structure! The first coat was a little uneven for me, but it self-leveled out flawlessly with the second coat. I only used two coats to cover any visible nail line, and I added a layer of top coat for shine for these photos. Biz-Myth-Icorn will retail for $12. Please note there is a cap of 90 polishes for this beauty, so if you plan to purchase this, you may want to be sure to get it early!

 I am in love with these particular polishes, and I've been swooning over all the other reveals as they have been posted in the Polish Pickup Pack Facebook Group. It has been exciting to see which stones have been inspiring the indie polish makers that are participating this month. While I am definitely a mineral fan, it has been fun to see some makers take a different approach with the theme and pulling stones from different fandoms. Natural or manmade, real or fictional, there is no doubt that the Crystals & Gemstones theme has inspired a lot of exquisite beauties that are sure to leave your bank accounts a little lighter but your nails magnificent!

The Crystals & Gemstones-themed Polish Pickup shop will be open from January 5th through January 8th. This is the only time these polishes will be available for purchase, so if you want any of these stunning shades, be sure to mark it on your calendar! Also, please note orders are placed as a pre-order. Orders generally ship within two weeks of shop close, and shipping updates are posted in the Facebook Group.

Are you excited about this month's Polish Pickup? Are you loving the theme, or does the theme not matter when it comes to purchases? What themes are you hoping to see next?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  10. I'm loving Mojave Twilight, Ellagee captured it beautifully!!!! <3

  11. You know I love purple - and blurple - polish, and Mojave Twilight is a stunning example! On a different note, you should do a post on your rock collection! My uncle was a scientist, and used to gift several samples to my parents, so I'd love to see it!

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