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LynBDesigns: You Are Awesome Collection

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and the week is off to a fantastic start for you! I've got a long post filled with lots of photos to share with you, so I'm going to keep the chit chat short and just jump right on in! Let's do this!

It is always so fun and exciting to see independent nail polish brands hit milestones, and the focus of today's post is just that! The brand LynBDesigns is turning seven years old! Naturally, Jennalyn, the creative mastermind behind the brand, decided to launch a collection in honor of this achievement. Called the You Are Awesome Collection, each of the nine shades in the collection is named with a positive affirmation that is sure to enliven your spirits in addition to decorating your digits. Let's check them out!

Be Kind to Yourself

A jungle green jelly base with subtle green to blue to purple shimmer and greeny gold glass fleck.

Even though it is described as a jungle green, I personally find this shade to be more of a grass green. The shimmers add a lovely sparkle against this green base, making this is lovely polish for those eagerly anticipating the return of spring. The formula was fantastic- not too thick or thin for my liking and applied easily to opacity with two coats. I also added a layer of top coat for these photos.

Happiness is an Inside Job

A blue grey toned base with gold shimmer, gold glass flecks, and blue to violet to read shifting shimmer.

Happiness is an Inside Job is an unusual but pretty polish. With the addition of so much gold, the blue grey base ends up looking like the subtle pop of colour when painted to opacity. The formula of this beauty is a little thinner, although not too thin and therefore not difficult to paint with, so this could easily be used as a topper over a blue grey if you wanted to enjoy more of that aspect. I used three coats to opacity plus top coat for these photos.

You Already Are the Light

A blue grey jelly base with red to pink to orange shimmer and copper micro holo sparkle.

This isn't generally a colour I normally gravitate towards, but I am loving You Already Are the Light! The shimmer really makes this polish glow beautifully! The formula is fantastic and applies easily to the nails. I have it shown here with two coats to opacity plus top coat.

It's Not What You Have, But Who You Have

A turquoise jelly base with red to violet to blue shit with a scattering of pink glass fleck.

It's Not What You Have, But Who You Have is definitely more complex than these pictures show. The shift is more obvious as you angle your nails, of course, and the glass flecks look more pink than captured by my camera. As expected from a jelly, this polish is on the sheerer side but builds up to opacity with three coats. I've also added a layer of top coat in these photos.

I'm Choosing Happiness

A bright red jelly base loaded with pink to orange to yellow shimmer and a rainbow of micro flakes.

I find I'm Choosing Happiness to be more of a darker pink shade than a bright red, but no matter how you describe it, there is no doubt this is a gorgeous polish! I'm Choosing Happiness is sure to cheer you up while we wait for the return of sunny, warm days, at least those of us in this hemisphere! The formula was easy to work with as this polish applies like a dream. I have it shown here with two coats to opacity plus top coat for these photos.

Have the Power to Create Change

A red purple jelly base with orange shimmer, blue green iridescent micro glitters, and indigo to purple to red to orange shifting shimmer.

If you're looking for a more red shade, Have the Power to Create Change may be what you're looking for. As much as I love the orange shimmer, it's the colour shifting shimmers that really make this polish special. Because it is a jelly polish, it is on the sheer side and required three coats to cover my visible nail line. Alternately, this polish would be a fun topper to add some pizzazz to a base mani colour. The photos are shown here with three coats plus top coat.

Better Than Unicorns and Sparkles Combined

A blurple jelly base loaded with linear holo and shifting iridescent glitters.

While there are so many lovely shades in this collection, I suspect Better Than Unicorns and Sparkles Combined will be the most-wanted shade from this collection. The shifting iridescent glitters are the perfect accompaniment to this polish and really sets it apart. The formula is also easy to work with; I applied two easy coats plus top coat for these photos.

My Best is Always Enough

A pale sandy crelly base with turquoise shimmer throughout, a hint of scattered holo and green blue glass fleck.

I am loving this polish! The turquoise shimmer is more obvious than my camera could capture. The formula was a little trickier to work with, although with a little patience, it still applies nicely to the nails. The first two coats were a little uneven for me, something I expect from a littler shade like this, but the third coat evened it out beautifully. I've also added a layer of top coat for these photos.

I Can and I Will

A medium grey crelly base with intense gold to orange to red shimmer and micro holo shreds.

I Can and I Will is such a unique colour, and I am loving it! The holo shreds add a fun twist to the polish, and I love how the light flashes off them! I'm happy to report that this polish is easy to apply to the nails, even with the shreds. I used two coats to opacity and added top coat for these photos.

The You Are Amazing Collection will be launching on the LynBDesigns website this Friday, January 19th. The polishes in this collection will retail for $10 each. To celebrate the launch, you can save 50% off the collection from January 19th through January 26th by using the code 7YEARS. The code can also be used to pick up the entire collection for only $45, including free shipping within the US.

There are several fantastic shades in this collection, and I cannot pick a single favorite! My top picks are Better Than Unicorns and Sparkles Combined, Be Kind to Yourself, and You Already Are the Light. I really like the colour variety and mix of finishes offered with this collection, and you really can't go wrong with any of them!

Do you have any favorite shades from the You Are Awesome Collection? I'd love to hear about your top picks and what you're thinking of picking up with the launch!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is a pretty collection but I have to say that Better Than Unicorns and Sparkles Combined is my fave.

  2. OMG! 7 years old! Happy Anniversary! Better than Unicorns and Sparkles combined is my favorite, but really the message in the collection makes me smile.

  3. WOW 7?! Gosh, makes me realize just how long indies have been around! I feel bad that I haven't tried this brand yet so thanks for the coupon code... time to take a plunge!

  4. 7 yrs that’s a long time! I have to say that you already are the light and it’s not what you have but who you have are my favorite’s from this collection. Having the entire collection st half price is great! I’m really thinking about getting them all!

  5. You already are the light is amaZinggggg. I really love how it glows

  6. I'm loving the glow in You Already Are the Light!!! Just wow!!!

  7. What a stunning collection. I can't pick a single favorite

  8. You Already Are the Light is what I'd buy first from this collection. I have a lot of LynB that I haven't worn yet but I'd add that one for sure. She does great sales too.

  9. Happy 7th!!! You're just a few short months younger than me. :p

  10. Be kind to yourself, and you are the light are just WOW! Major standouts for me!

  11. I love the name of the collection, it's so uplifting!

  12. OMG I am obsessed with these names! I love how they are all positive cool. Thanks for sharing this brand!

  13. Better Than Unicorns and Sparkles Combined - agreed. This is pretty!

  14. Wow! I didn’t know LynB has been around for so long! Great way to celebrate!

  15. Congrats to LynB on their anniversary! This is such a fun collection. Better Than Unicorns has my heart.

  16. Wow.. The names.. So interesting.. And congratulations LynB
    :) stay blessed


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