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Literary Lacquers: Vurt-U-Want Collection for Summer 2015

Press Sample

Good morning, dear readers! I have no clue where the weekend went, and yet we seem to be right back to another Monday. Can I get a weekend redo? I feel like I was so busy running errands and just doing mundane stuff around the house the past two days, but at least I got to spend time with my family. Everyone loves going to Target, right? Hahaha!

Part of my weekend was spend figuring out what posts I wanted to get written up over the next couple of weeks, and I decided this was a good time to have a Literary Lacquers- exclusive week! I have had the pleasure of working with Amy, the brilliant mastermind behind the brand for a few years now, and I am eager to introduce her soon-to-be-released collection, Vurt-U-Want. Inspired by Vurt by Jeff Noon, the 1990s classic cyber-hallucinogenic novel, this eight piece collection consists of three glitter holos, two classic holos, one matte shimmer, one matte glitter and one glitter top coat. Let's check them out!

Blue Lullaby
Two coats plus top coat

Deep bright blue linear holo with holo microglitter

Wowza! This shade just blue my mind away! Yep, I totally just went there, but just look at this colour! Blue Lullaby is positively divine! Amy certainly has a way with creating the most stunning glitter holo polishes, and I always look forward to seeing these in her collections. This polish is breath taking and needed by every blue aficionado! The formula was really nice and easy to work with; it's certainly one of the highlights from this collection!

Two coats plus top coat

Bottle green linear holo with rainbow flakies and glass flecks

Be still my beating heart! I genuinely adore green polishes, but they always fall off my radar whenever I am planning on painting my nails. Sure, I pull them out for Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, but I think this green stunner may have finally struck the chord needed to make me wear greens more often. The green base is a nice colour, but in combination with the flakies and glass flecks, I cannot get over just how pretty this polish looks! Bottletown was difficult for me to photograph: if I avoided glare, my camera couldn't capture the flakes at all (although they were extremely apparent to the eye!), but with glare, you couldn't see the colour well. You can see the flashes of extra colour the best along the tops of my nails where I allowed glare. On top of being lovely to look at, the formula was sublime, and I had no issues whatsoever with this polish. With a flash of colour here and a flash there as you move your nails, Bottletown will make any green polish naysayer reconsider!

Curious Yellow
Three coats no top coat

Taxi yellow matte with gold glass fleck and flakies, gives different effect when worn with topcoat

Yellow polishes just don't get enough love, so I am thrilled Amy decided to add one to this collection.  I'm generally not a big fan of yellow, but I do enjoy the colour from time to time, and this one is so perfect for summer! I really enjoy the matte look with this shade! The formula was wonderful and very easy to work with; I used three thin coats for these photos.

Three coats with top coat

Naturally I had to add top coat for more photos! The top coat really brings the shimmer to life, and you can't go wrong either way you choose to wear this beauty!

Two coats plus top coat

Violet linear holo with green flakies and glass flecks

I don't think I could think of a more perfect name for this colour. My first thought when I first started applying this polish was just how soft and ethereal this shade is! Between the purple colour and the flakes, this polish is so perfectly delicate. It is gorgeous in it's own right, as you can tell from these swatch photos, and it will be an amazing topper over other polishes. The formula was fantastic as well, and I have no issues to report.

English Voodoo
One plus coat over Curious Yellow with top coat

Yes, finally another glitter topper from Literary Lacquers. This one is inspired by the knowledge feather known as English Voodoo, Magenta holo microglitter, 2 sizes of black hexes, black holo triangles and a smattering of marigold matte small hexes to represent the deadly side of this feather trip.

I know glitter polishes aren't quite as popular as they once were, but Amy certainly has a knack for creating pretty glitter toppers! I couldn't quite find the base shade I had in mind for this polish, so I opted to showcase it over another Literary Lacquers shade from this collection. I tend to prefer smaller glitter pieces with the occasional large glitter thrown in the mix, and this topper suites my taste perfectly. I've become fixated on triangle-shaped glitters, so I am thrilled to see them in this mix! Application was pretty easy with a dab here and there to spread out the glitters. Occasionally a holo triangle would want to stick to a hex glitter, but they broke apart easily with a little coaxing. This does have a slight gritty appearance when dry because of the glitters, but top coat smoothed my nails out nicely.

Three coats plus Wax topcoat

Soft grey matte packed with holographic and metallic glitter in silver and blue, gives different effect when worn with topcoat.

I knew this was pretty in the bottle, but I was not prepared for how pretty Shadowgirl would be on my nails! Matte polishes can be a little hit or miss for me, so I thought this one would be on my list of nice, but not my favorite from the collection. I think I'm eating those words because Shadowgirl is fabulous! The formula was incredibly easy to work with, and the application was perfect. Two coats might have been enough, but I saw visible nail line on one finger so I added a third coat for good measure. It does dry to the slightest texture because of the glitters, so I added Cameo Colors The Waxworks top coat since all my true matte top coats keep disappearing on me. It did add the tiniest hint of shine, but these photos are pretty darn close to the matte look with just Shadowgirl alone.

Three coats plus top coat

Of course I had to add top coat to this! The top coat adds a beautiful shininess to this colour, and like Curious Yellow, you really can't go wrong either way. I think I have the slightest preference for the intended matte look, and I really hope to see more like this in future Literary Lacquers collections!

Two coats plus top coat

Bright aqua-cyan linear holo with holo microglitter

Woohoo! Another awesome glitter holo from Literary Lacquers! Teal shades are some of my favorites, and I am so glad to see Amy added this beauty to the collection. A word of caution: be careful driving if it's sunny; this baby can be quite distracting when the sun hits it! I'm happy to report the formula was fantastic and easy to work with; no issues to report here!

Two coats plus top coat

Neon pink linear holo with holo microglitter

Ah yes, the pièce de résistance from the collection! Neons are all the rage this summer season, but the perfect neon pink holo just seems so hard to pin down. While I can only share my opinions on shades, I believe Vurt-U-Want is the shade that so many people have been hoping and waiting so patiently for. It's bright, it's vibrant, and hello extra holo glitters! This baby applied like a dream, and you will not be disappointed!

Accent Details
While you've been reading my review and checking out swatches, hopefully you've also been enjoying my accent nail! I used Curious Yellow, Blue Lullaby, Vurt-U-Want, and Thermofish from this collection for my summery yellow polka-dot bikini accent.

Through the years of watching the brand grow, I've watched Amy outdo herself time and time again, and the release of this collection is no exception to the rule. This collection boasts a fabulous assortment of colours and finishes, and I dare say that this collection is proof that Literary Lacquers has aged through the years like a fine wine: the collections just keep getting better with time!

The Vurt-U-Want collection is scheduled to launch June 11th- that's this Thursday, on the Literary Lacquers Etsy shop here. You can also follow Amy on Facebook here and Instagram here for shop announcements and even more photos.

I don't think I can pick favorites from this collection. I just love them all! I'd love to hear your thoughts though! What colours are you liking the most?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer:  The products reviewed above were provided to me for my honest and unbiased opinion. All thoughts stated are entirely my own and are based on my use of said products.  I love receiving feedback from my readers, and any comments left here are the express opinions and/or property of the individual commentors. I reserve the right to remove any comments that I find to be harmful, unnecessary, or not constructive for other readers.


  1. Gorgeous swatches. Thermofish is my fav

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a pretty polish! I love the glitters in it!

  2. Replies
    1. Amy is the holo master! She definitely does her holos very well!

  3. Vurt-U-Want is stunning! Love it! Great collection.

  4. Thermofish is beautiful but Vurt-U-Want has my heart!

    1. It's a fabulous pink; I can't blame you for that! :D

  5. Gorgeous collection!! I love Thermofish and Blue Lullaby!!

    1. It is a great collection! The holos with glitters seem to be the most popular!

  6. I really just can't with this collection and your swatches. They are SO perfect and you always capture the color and style so well!

    1. Thank you! Amy always knocks it out of the park with her collections, and I do my best to showcase the colours as accurately as possible! :D

  7. Replies
    1. Me too! As much as I love Amy's holos, I love when she is inspired to mix it up. I really hope to see more like Shadowgirl in the future!

  8. Oh my globs, they are all stunners!!!!!

  9. They are all so pretty, it's hard to pick a favorite. Surprisingly I'm leaning towards Curious Yellow since normally I'm not a yellow fan. Shadowgirl is so unique too.

  10. Such a gorgeous collection, definitely can't pick a favorite lol. Shadowgirl though... *drool* okay so maybe that's my favorite.

  11. Such a gorgeous collection, definitely can't pick a favorite lol. Shadowgirl though... *drool* okay so maybe that's my favorite.

  12. Oh man, I just love the holos with glitter. I am loooving all the interesting holo combos that seem to be coming out right now. And your swatches of these really show off the flair! (also, I love going to Target on the weekends)


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