Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stars and Stripes with You Polish

Good morning, dear readers! I hope you are having a wonderful day thus far! It seems a little early for me to be thinking about 4th of July nail art ideas, but I wanted to share this with you a little early in the event you wanted to get an order placed. After all, nothing is more obnoxious than receiving holiday specific items immediately after the holiday you intended to wear them! I've had it happen a few times myself, and it is incredibly disappointing when you've already got a nail look planned with said items. Who wants to wait a whole year to wear something?!? I digress, so let me focus back to today's post!

You Polish has created this cute red, white and blue stars and stripes (and waves!) set to help you have easy and attractive patriotic nail art for the 4th of July. I tend to use vinyls as stencils to add other polish shades to my nail art, but I wanted to share these as decals and stickers so you can see just how easy it is to create fun nail art. Let's check out my mani!

I clearly couldn't pick one pattern to share with you! LOL! You can obviously mix and match all you wish, and I wanted to stick with just the red, white and blue.
While I don't normally think of waves so much for the 4th of July, these waves would actually be perfect to imitate a waving flag. Of course I think of that immediately after I had this nail finished, so I may have to attempt to make that happen when I paint my nails for the holiday.

There are two star sizes on each sheet of decals, in hollowed out and smaller whole versions; this hollowed out red star is the largest size.
I'm digging this simple banner pattern even more than I thought I would! I just clipped the stickers to size with my cuticle nippers (they gotta get used somehow) and placed them with tweezers. The whole stars are the smallest size on the sheet.
This blue star is the large sized version on the sheet. Each of the stars are cut such that there are larger hollow stars and smaller whole stars. Because of the close red striping, I wanted a solid larger blue star for this nail. While you can clearly see the cutout between the two stars here, it isn't as noticeable to the eye. Yes, you can see it slightly if you inspect your nails, but I haven't really noticed it as my nails have caught my attention as I have gone about my normal day.
This nail was the most simple- just peel and stick, but I must say, it's my favorite of these four looks! I used the smallest hollowed out stars plus an inner star to create this layered look.

These decals from You Polish are cute and very easy to use. The sticker itself is quite sticky, so if you are unsure about placement, you might want to quick touch the sticky part on the back of your hand a time or two to help lessen the stickiness while you work on exact placement. Once they are pressed onto the nails, they're not going anywhere easily, and you don't want to mess up your base polish trying to move them.

These stickers add a little bit of texture to the nails as expected, and I used three coats of Glisten & Glow's HK Girl Top Coat to smooth my nails out. I used Zoya Genesis and Zoya Ryan as the base shades for this manicure.

These decal stickers are sold as a set of red, white and blue, so you don't have to pick up individual sheets to create your nail art look for the 4th of July. They also ship free, and you can save 10% with discount code jediwife10! You can order them from the You Polish website here.

You Polish has been busy with creating and releasing new decals and stencils, so you definitely want to follow on Facebook here and Twitter here so you don't miss out!

Until next time, dear readers, have a great day!


  1. I can totally relate to getting nail mail after a holiday, ugh! I love these nails so fun!

  2. Cute! I love what you did with them.

  3. So cute!! I love what you did with your pinky nail best!!!

  4. I can never get stripes that straight! Lovely.

  5. I love this! Those stars are super cute!

  6. I was just talking to my hubs tonight about how I haven't found Fourth of July themed anything yet and then boom this post. These are so adorable, definitely need them! Love the mani as well.

  7. These are so cute! I especially love your ring finger!

  8. I agree! I still haven't managed to buy Christmas polish/accessories/stamping plates on time yet. I always wait until I start seeing a people's ingenious manis and by then it is too late! Maybe your "early post will spur me to action on time!

  9. I love your ring and index finger!


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