Thursday, November 19, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Assorted Stud Set

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Good afternoon, dear readers! What's this? A post on a Thursday? I generally don't post on Thursdays, but since I missed my normal Monday post, I wanted to get one up today. Let's get to it!

I have this box of assorted silver studs from Born Pretty Store to share with you today.
These are the assorted studs found in the wheel. The numbered scale bar is in centimeters; each small tick mark is a millimeter.

I had a fairly elaborate look planned with these studs, or at least some of them, but unfortunately it didn't work out as planned. I intended to use the rectangular studs to create a cool pattern on my nails. The problem I encountered is that the studs were just too rigid and could not conform to the curvature of my nails. This wouldn't be an issue if I was going to use them the long way down the center of my nails, but alas, that was not the plan and I had to table the idea. I can use attachments like studs on my nails as long as they stay down, but once they start coming off the sides, it drives me bonkers! Let's check out the final look I ended up with.
I was inspired by this beautiful ruby and diamond braided ring, and I originally wanted to at least loosely mimic the braiding with the studs. Since that was a no-go, I opted to create a pattern on my accent finger with polish and use the little hexagon studs on the remaining nails instead. While this is not what I originally planned, I think it is really cute so I'm happy with the final look.
The direct link to purchase this package of studs can be found here.

Other Products Used:
Cupcake Polish: Just Sleighing Around
Zoya: Trixie

Check out Born Pretty Store for all your nail art needs. You can save 10% off full-priced merchandise with discount code QWL91.

What do you think of this look? What would you do with these studs? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Ooooo! I love the art you did with these. :)

  2. I am forever envious of people who can wear studs. I can't not pick them right off!

    1. I thought they would bother me too when I first started wearing them. I'm actually surprised about that!

  3. I keep wanting to try studs but never have. They look so pretty on you!


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