Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall-ing Leaves Nail Art

Happy Monday, dear readers! I realized last night that today was Monday, and I admit I was not particularly happy with that revelation. This past weekend flew by far too quickly! I wish I could say I did something fun and exciting, but I kept busy between taking care of the boys and running errands and doing chores around the house. Being a grown up was supposed to be fun! HAHAHA! Oh well....

The weather has cooled down here some, and it's actually sweater weather around here today due to the rain. I've been eagerly anticipating this turn, and to celebrate, I decided to focus on fall for the "Woodlands" theme of the clairestelle8 November challenge on Instagram. I opted for a loose interpretation of the theme. Check it out!
Products Used

Base colour
Sinful Colors Pull Over

Leaf colours
OPI Chop-sticking To My Story

Vinyl Cutouts
Stick It! Nail Vinyls: Multi Leaf Cutouts

I'm definitely enjoying the fall weather with these nails!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful leaves!! My weekend went far too quick too!

    1. Thank you! After living in the desert without a real fall for 8 years, it's nice to see leaves turning colour again!

  2. As I'm scrolling on your page looking at these, I'm realizing the colors on your nails match the background on your blog. This is beautiful!

    1. And you should try nail art inspired by the background!

    2. What's sad is I didn't notice that they matched and I never even thought to do nail art inspired by my background even though I love it so much. That's a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. this is amazing. I need to art more with the creams.

  4. This is so fun and bright. I love that your colors showed up so well over the yellow base.

  5. This is gorgeous! The yellow base was such a great choice. This is only making me need "Arboreal" more and more.


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