Friday, October 28, 2016

Dancing Skeletons with Colors by Llarowe

Happy Friday, dear readers! It has been such a busy week since I've been solo parenting, and I am go glad the hubby got home last night! This poor momma needs a nap! Of course I have some catching up to do as I didn't have the help I had originally planned on this week so.....I'll sleep when I'm dead? It took me far longer than usual with having to work in tiny intervals, but I did manage to create a cute nail art look for Halloween. Let's check it out!
I've been putting on kid-friendly Halloween shows and cartoons the past week or so to get my boys in the spirit of gimmefreecandy Halloween. One of the cartoons I shared was Disney's 1929 short, The Skeleton Dance, and I knew I needed to have dancing skeletons for a nail art look! Of course the short is in black and white, and while I'm sure it would have been cute for nail art in just those shades, I needed more colour!
I wanted something colourful with a slightly different-than-normal Halloween palette, and I am loving this look!
My skulls were a little too plain so I had to make little bows for them. They definitely increased the cuteness factor ten fold!
I used the following nail polishes and products to create this look:

Sweet Nectar (Hypnotic Polish Exclusive)
Miss Grey
Fire Down Below
A Galaxy Far, Far Away (August 2016 POTM)

Skeletons (used as both stencil and decal)


Celestial Cosmetics and Colors4Nails Stamping Line

Purple (#8) Stamping Polish

Black Stamping Polish

Bronze Goddess Stamping Polish

I enjoyed creating this look, and I'm in the middle of painting a new design now!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. What cute dancing skeletons! I keep seeing those plates around, but I've never seen a link to their page. I'm off to check them out!

  2. oh my god, this is so festive and I love it.

  3. So much going on here and its all so lovely!

  4. Oh my, skulls with bows?! Why have I not thought of this?! And glittery bows!!

  5. There is so much to love here! The dancing skeletons are my fave.

  6. This is one awesome nail art! LOVE the bows. <3

  7. Such a bright and happy Halloween mani, love the skull with a bow!

  8. The Skeleton Dance is one of my favorites!! I'm so glad you drew inspiration from that. This is a lot of fun!


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