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Morphe Cosmetics: Celebrating Pride Month with a Collection and Doing It Right

June is Pride Month, and this year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a series of spontaneous and violent demonstrations against the New York Police Department by gay rights activists. At a time when soliciting homosexuals relations was illegal, members of the community sought refuge in gay bars. The Stonewall Inn was one such bar where gay, lesbian, and transgender people could visit and socialize without fear of public harassment, but this did not prevent harassment by the police. Early in the morning on Saturday, June 28th, the N.Y.P.D. conducted a raid on the Stonewall Inn and arrested several patrons. Fed up with the societal and political discrimination they had been facing, remaining patrons started a riot against the police rather than quietly dispersing as they had done previously. In spite of its turbulent beginning, the Stonewall Riots were the catalyst for the modern gay rights movement. Now, 50 years later, even cosmetic companies have found a way to support the L.G.B.T.Q community. For today's blog post, I wanted to focus on one of these companies.

While new to my blog, Morphe Cosmetics is definitely not new to the beauty community. Widely known for their cosmetic brushes and affordable eyeshadow palettes, the brand garners a lot of attention in the community from influencers and fans alike. With lots of experience in creating colourful eyeshadows already, it wasn't a big surprise to me when I heard that Morphe would be releasing a collection for Pride Month. What I was not prepared for, on the other hand, was the news that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items would be donated to The Trevor Project. This American non-profit organization operates a 24-hour toll free suicide prevention hotline for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. Suicide rates in the L.G.B.T.Q community are thought to be the highest during the teenage years, and the TrevorLifeline is an invaluable service.

The Morphe Cosmetics Live In Color Collection consists of the 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette and the Live In Color Brush Set.

The 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette consists of 25 pans of which 15 are "eyeshadows" and 10 are "pressed pigments". Please keep in mind that the eyeshadows are considered "eye safe" while the pressed pigments are not. This obviously won't stop most of us from applying these on or near our eyelids, but I still wanted to make sure this was clear.

The Live In Color Brush Set consists of 7 eye brushes in a beautiful rainbow custom case: M158, M167, M326, M431, M222, M507, and M513.

Because the Live In Color Brush Set is sold out online, I wanted to focus today's post on the Live In Color Artistry Palette. Below are swatches of each of the shades on my warm olive skin tone.

I photographed the swatches of several shades from this palette while at my local Morphe store (top photo) and the rest at home. Please keep in mind that these are swatched with my fingers and is best used as a reference for colour only. In my experience, finger swatches aren't indicative of how well an eyeshadow or pigment will apply with a brush. That said, I do still like them to see how much pigmentation is in a shade as well as how the colour will play with my skin tone.

With so much colour to choose from with this palette, my mind has been buzzing with lots of ideas! After debating on how I wanted to wear these, I felt the best way to enjoy a Pride palette for the first time was by keeping with a classic rainbow theme. Check out the look I created with this beauty!

Shades used:
Rise Up


I had so much fun playing with this palette! The eye look was fun, but I have to admit, bringing the shades down onto my cheeks as freckles is what really made me love this look. It's very uncommon for me to add in freckles, but I am all about this rainbow pattern!

The 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette retails for $20 at and in Morphe retail stores. Please keep in mind that discount affiliate codes are not permitted with this collection, and with the proceeds going to such a noteworthy cause, why would you want to?

 I have heard that some brick and mortar stores still have the brush sets in stock so you might have luck finding them at your local store. The set retails for $28.

Now on to some fun news! I picked up an extra 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette and Live In Color Brush Set to giveaway! The last few giveaways I have held have been on my blog, so this one I have decided to run on Instagram. If you're interested, be sure to check out my post here to get the details on how to enter! It runs until next Friday so you've got time to enter!

Have you picked up or ordered this palette or the brush set? What colours would you want to use first? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. That palette has some great vivid color to it! So fun!

  2. Love your orange hair! The palette is perfect for Pride. Cassie wanted to buy the brushes but they're sold out! I hope she'll enter

  3. Love the colors in the palette and you look cute with your makeup and wig!!!

  4. You taught me so much with this post. I didn't know much about the Stonewall Riots nor did I know anything about The Trevor Project. I'd buy this palette just to support them. Great swatches and adorable freckles.

  5. You're so cute. I love all the support that cosmetic companies have put forth in to reminding us that love is love.

  6. I'm so glad to see that Morphe is donating all the proceeds! I've seen a lot of brands that just add a rainbow to the packaging but aren't actually doing anything meaningful or supportive for Pride.

  7. Looks like a fun range of colors to play with!

  8. Love your whole look for Pride! Great swatches too.


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