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Plump Up Your Pout with Osmosis Colour Lip Glazes

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Happy Friday, dear readers! It has been a rough week around here, and I wasn't sure this post was going to make it up today. One of my darling children passed his cold on to me, and this particular one has been kicking me in the behind. While I am still not feeling 100% yet, my brain is no longer deep in the fog like it has been the past several days. Now if my littles could learn to keep their germs to themselves, that would be great! Now on to today's blog post!

Gone are the days of matte lips, and this season, Osmosis Colour has launched their Lip Glazes. Formulated with ginger, chili peppers and peppermint oil, these glazes naturally plumpen your lips all while adding a subtle pop of colour and shine to your lips. Not only do these enhance your lips, they contain goji berries to condition and hydrate your pucker.

These lip glazes are housed in tubes with an angled tip for easy, smooth application with a single swipe across the lips. They can be worn over lipstick to add shine and plumpen the lips, or you can use these alone for a shiny wash of colour, perfect for those hot summer days. Because of the ingredients, these Lip Glazes do have a tingling sensation as your lips start to swell.

The four new shades to join the Osmosis Colour lineup are Peaceful, Grateful, Thankful, and Hopeful. These swatches are shown with a thick application onto my skin. While certainly different, the colour differences are a little more subtle on the lips when worn with my normal, thinner application.

I have each of these four shades shown below on my lips. The first photo for each shade is shown with the lip glaze on the left side only (bare lips on the right). This way you can better see how much of an effect these lip glazes have on the lips. While my lips are not perfectly symmetrical, you can also see the slight plumping effect these lip glazes have on my lips. The second photo is of the product covering all of my lips.


Grateful is one of the more pigmented of these glazes. I already suspected I would love this one, and wearing it only confirmed my suspicions. This juicy red is so perfect for summer!


I have applied Peaceful here a little heavier than I normally would to see if the colour would show. My camera picked up the colour variation far more than I could tell looking at it myself. When worn to my usual thickness, it just makes my lips look shiny and plump. It's perfect for those days where I'm wearing little to no makeup or want a very shiny but natural look to my lips.


I don't generally gravitate towards many pinks on my lips, and I was surprised at just how much I loved Thankful. The sheer wash of pink makes my lips look so fresh and healthy!


I am a sucker for orangey-pink shades, so it should come to no surprise that I am in love with Hopeful. While I can enjoy wearing it now, it is a shade that I gravitate towards a lot more over the autumn, and I definitely foresee it getting a lot of wear this fall!

I have really enjoyed trying out the Osmosis Colour Lip Glazes! They are comfortable on the lips, even with the tingle sensation, and even then that doesn't last for long. The plumping effect is only temporary, and I really like how easy they are to apply to the lips. The colours are subtle, some more so than others; this makes them ideal to keep in your bag for any time you want to give your lips a little something extra. It also allows for easy layering without altering base shades much if that is how you prefer to wear them.

Each of these Lip Glazes retails for $22 at Osmosis Beauty. Alternately, you can pick them up on Amazon for only $18 each. Here are the direct links for your convenience: Peaceful, Grateful, Thankful and Hopeful.

Have you tried these Lip Glazes by Osmosis Colour? Which one is your favorite? What are your other favorite products from Osmosis? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. They really do make your lips look bigger!

  2. I prefer a pink or a peachy pink on my lips so my eyes went to Thankful first. I notice a difference in your lip size which is what I'd love.

  3. I like the plumping effect I see from your swatches

  4. I really like Hopeful and Thankful. Hopeful especially looks great for summer

  5. Hope looks like it would be perfect for summer!

  6. I love your swatches, and that half lip pic is PERFECT for being able to see a difference and these look really nice. I've never been a gloss fan, mainly because sticky+long hair doesn't work so well, but these look fab!


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