Thursday, June 20, 2019

Testing out Born Pretty Store's Passionate Desert Stamping Plate

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Stamping is arguably my favorite nail art technique, and when I had the opportunity to combine it with my beloved desert, I was all too eager to test out this plate from Born Pretty Store. The BP-A04 Passionate Desert Stamping plate contains 14 different images to chose from, and with the relatively large image sizes, should be able to cover fairly lengthy nails.

In spite of having several cute cactus and very obviously southwestern designs to choose from, I was really feeling the chain link pattern on the bottom right corner when I went to create my nail art.

I used multiple polishes to test out this plate. Once my black base was dry, I used a white stamping polish on the image. I then used two non-stamping polishes side by side and layered over the white to see how they would hold up with this plate.

The white stamping polish picked up the image perfectly from the first roll of the stamper. I already knew the white polish worked well for stamping, so the ease of use with this particular image certainly made me happy. While the pink and purple polishes don't quite have the "wow" factor in regards to intensity, these are not stamping polishes that normally take two if not three coats for opacity.

Born Pretty Store stamping plates can be a little hit or miss for me, and this one was a win! The images are etched deeply enough that it can work with both stamping and non-stamping polishes pretty easily. This is the primary thing I look for when it comes to stamping plates as the designs themselves are a matter of personal preference.

You can pick up the Passionate Desert Stamping Plate from Born Pretty Store here. This plate retails for $5.99, but at the time of this post, it is marked down to just $2.99. The full price is fair, but why not save some extra money and pick it up while it is marked down?

Speaking of saving money, you can save 10% off full priced items with the discount code QWL91. Born Pretty Store offers a range of items to choose from, and you are sure to find something that suits your nail art needs!

Are you a fan of cacti and other desert-themed nail art? Will you be picking up this stamping plate? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!

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  1. I hope you'll do more nail art with this plate since there are so many interesting designs on it. I love your design since those are my kind of colors.

  2. There are so many cute options with this plate!

  3. oh my word, is that the cutest little plate for this summer or what?!?!?

  4. That plate is so cute! I love all the cacti!

  5. Wow, your nails are like a optical illusion! So cool!


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