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Have Your Nails Match the Heat This Summer with KBShimmer's New Seas The Day Collection

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Happy hump day, dear readers! I had planned to get this post up first thing this morning, but my computer apparently had other plans for me. I had received the new KBShimmer Seas The Day Collection to review for you and had all 10 shades swatched, photographed, cropped and ready to go. I got the collection pretty far in advance, so I had been sitting on photos waiting to share until close to the launch date, and now all my individual swatch photos are missing. After hunting for them, the best I can figure is when my computer software was upgraded and updated, my previous backup wasn't current and my pictures are now gone. I've been unable to locate other things on my computer that were saved around the same time; needless to say, it has been a pretty upsetting day. That said, I'm making the most of it that I can with this post and sharing some quick photos and the nail art I have recently created with these polishes.

Your suitcase is packed, your flip flops are ready, and the ocean is calling your name: it's time for a vacation! Join KBShimmer on a tropical journey, where the drinks are chilled, the sun is warm, and bathing suits and shorts are the only attire.

This new 10-piece collection consists of 7 perfectly sun-faded neon hues and three multichrome flake toppers. I did get some quick swatches in so you can get a peek at these bright shades. Let's check those out first before we get into the nail art!

All the faded neon polishes are shown with two coats plus top coat. The formulas are a little trickier to work with, something that I expect with neon polishes, but application was easier for me as long as I used coats that were slightly thicker than I normally would use. For the flake toppers, these are with one coat plus top coat.

Bored Shorts a faded orchid purple that leans pink. 

Guava Nice Day a faded neon coral cream. 

Papaya Don't Preach a bright orange cream 

Pink Or Swim a bright, not quite neon pink cream polish

Party Like A Guac Star Like an avocado, bright shades of green, lime, soft pink and gold accent this flakie polish 

Off Tropic mimics that rainbow of hues with multichrome flakes that shift with every change of viewing angle. 

Harbor A Crush a soft blue cream inspired by ocean blue waters. 

Sand By Me a lemon yellow cream with a hint of neon. 

Lime All Right a pale green cream with a brightness that makes it work on any skin tone. 

Nauti Girl a multichrome flake polish that shifts from a daring fuchsia to leaf green with shades of orange and gold. 

I am really loving these soft neon hues, and the flake toppers definitely add something extra special to the nails. If you would like to check out more swatch photos, please visit My Nail Polish Obsession's blog post here!

Photo Courtesy of My Nail Polish Obsession

Photo Courtesy of My Nail Polish Obsession

Not only is Jen's blog post great for swatches, she has compared the shades from this collection with older KBShimmer shades. Do be aware, her post will make you want to track down some of these older shades as well!

I've been trying to do more nail art recently, and I have been playing with these polishes. Here are a couple looks I have created.

I really enjoy negative space designs, but I like my negative space to be, well, slightly less negative. The flakes in topper Off Tropic made for the perfect base I had in mind with this design. I paired it with Lime All Right and Papaya Don't Preach for this fun design.

I've always found that I really like neon nail art that involves random placements- it just feels so free not having to have an exact shape or be in a particular location! For this design, I started off with a white base and randomly placed strips of Harbor A Crush, Guava Nice Day, and Sand By Me. I love how the shades in this collection coordinate, and I am likely to do something similar with other colour combinations this summer!

I'm not including several photos of this one as it will be in its own dedicated blog post very soon, but I did want to mention it briefly in this post. I used both Bored Shorts and Pink Or Swim in this double stamped design over a white stamping polish and black base. I was actually pretty surprised to see that both showed up pretty well over both colours although they aren't ideal for stamping. The consistency is a little off so the image was a little distorted and didn't have an excellent transfer, but these aren't advertised as stamping polishes so I cannot fault them on that. This was just a little experiment with these polishes and did add a nice little touch of colour to the design.

The Seas The Day Collection will be launching Friday, June 14th at and select retailers. Each shade will retail $10. As a bonus, each order of $50 or more for the first week (June 14th through June 20th) placed at will receive the KBShimmer holographic drawstring bag. This is a great little bag to take to the beach- it is perfect to toss in your sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle, and a book for some fun summer reading lounging on the beach.

Are you excited to be adding neons into your summer nail wardrobe? Which shades have caught your attention? Will you be picking up any of the flake toppers as well? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Beautiful shades. I especially like Papa Don't Preach. I can't believe how hard you must have worked to share this with us.

  2. Papaya don't preach is my pick. Great job on all the variations, you're one patient lady!

  3. I love the looks of this! I used to really like painting each nail a different summer pastel color. These are perfect for that!

  4. Loving the brush stroke pattern! Very cute and fresh!

  5. Your art is fabulous! I love the negative space mani, it turned out really cool.

  6. The base shades are my jam! Bright! Fun! Summery! Those are my favorites to wear.

  7. The black abstract mani is amazing

  8. These are also vibrant but yet a subtle pastle vibe. I love them all!

  9. The perfect summer collection! I'm loving the metallic flakies over the fun cremes! I need to get the collection.

  10. I would honestly wear ALL of these, and over and over!

  11. The bright shades were already gorgeous to begin with but the glitter over the top took it to another level. I'd totally pick up the green, coral, and both glitters.


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