Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Keep Your Hands Soft with eos Shea Butter Hand Cream

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The days are certainly quickly getting shorter, colder, and drier! Combined with all the frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use we've been doing the past eight months, our hands have never needed tender loving care more than they do now. Thankfully, evolution of smooth (eos) came to the rescue with their Shea Butter Hand Creams!

I had shared awhile back in an empties post that I had used the eos hand lotions in the previous formula, and I was not happy with them. Even prior to the days of constant hand washing, they just couldn't keep up with what I needed for soft hands. After coming across my post, eos reached out to me and asked if they could send me their new formulation. I admit I was a little skeptical after my previous experience, but I don't like to write off brands completely after one not-so-great product. I have never come across a brand that doesn't have at least one product that is either horrible all around or just doesn't work for my body chemistry; needless to say, I was willing to try out the new eos Shea Butter Hand Creams and hoped they would work out where their predecessor left me wanting.

I was gifted the hand creams in Coconut and Eucalyptus. The ingredients list of these hand creams are almost identical, with top ingredients including cocoa seed butter, shea butter, shea oil, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil and marula oil. With this combination of butters and oils, I had much higher hopes for this formulation!

Whereas the previous lotion formulation was thin, these hand creams come out reasonably thick. Even though it is a thicker formula, I found that it is absorbed quickly into the skin. Once rubbed in, you are left with silky, smooth skin and none of the heavy oily sensation left by so many other lotions and hand creams. I appreciate being able to apply these hand creams quickly and going about my day! I don't have to worry about leaving greasy fingerprints on my computer or do I have to worry about residue getting on and ruining clothing.

While both these hand creams include added fragrance, they do include either coconut fruit or eucalyptus extract, respective to their labels. As expected, coconut smells bright and warm while eucalyptus clean, soothing, and slightly woody. My already acute sense of smell has been shockingly amplified post-COVID, and while the fragrance is definitely noticeable, I don't find it to be too strong when on my hands. If I kept my hands at my face all day long it likely would give me a headache, but for a "normal" day, the scent level is nice.

I am so glad that eos sent me these hand creams and that I gave them a shot! I've been using both of them and alternate fragrances based on whatever mood I happen to be in on any given day. If these scent choices aren't quite your jam, there are three other options to choose from. At only $2.99 each, it is so affordable to pick up all your favorite scents and keep them throughout the house and in your handbag for after your hand sanitizer applications!

Have you tried the eos Shea Butter Hand Creams? If so, what scent is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. It's great that EOS improved their formula. It shows they are listening to their clientele. I probably could use the coconut but not the eucalyptus.

  2. I confess that I haven't been using hand cream lately, even tho I really should be! All this hand sanitizer has been harsh on my skin. I should look into the eucalyptus one, that sounds lovely

  3. These are going on my wish list - the price is right and they were just added to the Leaping Bunny list!

  4. I haven't tried eos lotions, only their lip products. I do want to try some more hand skin care - I'm noticing aging hands now and as a nail polish person, I want to try to age gracefully. :)

  5. I love shea butter for my hands.

  6. I really like eos hand creams! And they smell so good too!

  7. These sound great. I love their lip balm.


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