Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Most Fitting Post on Election Day: Doubledown Cosmetics x Medeaij And The Future Collection

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 Greetings, dear readers, and happy election day! Like many of you, I have already long cast my vote for the current election, but today is *THE DAY* for those opting to go in person. I couldn't think of a more appropriate product set to post today than the newest collection from Doubledown Cosmetics. Designed in collaboration with IG dynamo Olusola (Medeaij) Jinadu, this is what Medeaij had to say about this collection:

I drew strength from our black power and our unwavering belief that the world can unify in strength for the sake of our children and the future we are building for them.

This collection is beautiful, and I am delighted to see some greens and blue join the Doubledown Cosmetics product lineup! Let's check it all out!

The Light - The Strength - The Belief - The Unity - The Future

The Future Collection consists of the following products:

The Light (Highlighter)

A beautifully buildable highlighter that goes from slightly alight to blindingly bright. Backed with green and gold undertones for an underwater, touched-with-turquoise, mermaid-inspired vibe that’s next-level stunning.

Medeaij named it ‘The Light’ because it symbolizes hope that we’ll continue down this path and that black people will keep rising up.

The Strength (Eyeshadow)

The Strength is a darker aqua blue eyeshadow and can be worn separate as a bold blue eyeshadow or as a gorgeous eyeliner on the bottom eyelid. In the stackable it is the middle shadow in this trio.

The Belief (Eyeshadow)

The Belief Eyeshadow is a gorgeous lime green eyeshadow that can be worn alone or within the trio of the stackable that includes The Strength and The Unity. It is the hero shade within this stackable trio.

This is the perfect green eyeshadow for creating a one shadow eye look or to build up that glam effect. 

The Unity (Eyeshadow)
The Unity Eyeshadow is a gorgeous neutral green shade that is perfect for using in your crease. You can build this up and or simply wear it as an eyeliner. 

The Future (Organic Tinted Lip Balm)
The Future is a buildable golden berry red, with warm overtones. You can use it as is, or build it to achieve that red carpet look.

 I have created a few looks for you using this collection; I hope you enjoy!

To create this look, I used the full The Future Collection. On my eyes I have a gradient of The Belief to The Unity to The Strength. I am wearing a light layer of The Light on the outer and upper part of my cheekbones and a light wash of The Future on my lips.

Most of The Future Collection went into this look I applied a wash of The Belief on my eyelids and winged out my eyes with The Strength after mixing it with a liquid medium. I also applied The Unity to my lower lashline and popped The Light on the inner corners of my eyes. I wanted a bold lip look to go with my eyes, so I applied Maybelline's Liquid Matte Lipstick in Thrill Seeker and then tapped DoubleDown Cosmetics The Belief onto the inner portion of my lips.

For this look, I created a halo eye by applying The Light in the center of my eyelids and surrounding it with The Unity. I am also wearing The Light on the upper and outer part of my cheekbones, which you can see best in the first photo of this series. I wanted a slightly more intense red lip than in the first set of photos, and I applied two layers of The Future Organic Tinted Lip balm, with a dusting of translucent powder in between to help build up cover and increase the longevity.

I have really enjoying playing with these products, and I look forward to a FUTURE of using them on repeat!

All items from The Doubledown Cosmetics x Medeaij Collection are available for purchase here on the Doubledown Cosmetics website. Every item can be purchased separately, or you can buy the full collection. Also, if you want to purchase all three eyeshadow shades, they are available as a stacked set.

Honestly I'm not sure what I'm most excited about with this collection: the shades themselves or the message behind it. Either way, you're going to want to dip your makeup brushes in these pronto!


  1. These are beautiful colors on you. My favorite is your first gradient. I'm impressed at how perfectly you not only blended them but the way you did the outer edge so acutely.

    1. Thank you! It helps when you use a smaller brush and build slowly to help keep the lines under control!

  2. Those greens are gorgeous! They work so well on you! Such a fun look!

  3. The looks you created are gorgeous! These colors really suit your complexion!

  4. Very pretty greens and blues! Your looks definitely gives off the futuristic vibe of this collection!


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