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The New KBShimmer Love At Frost Sight Winter Collection Drops Today!

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy hump day! It's quite a week, between school being out for the next two days for Thanksgiving Day and a new KBShimmer collection dropping today! From holographics to crellies to flakes to a magnetic polish, the 10-piece Love At Frost Sight collection of both dark and light shades are sure to dazzle this holiday season. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy! Let's check out the shades!

Sip Back & Relax

When the day's work is done, coming home and putting on comfy clothes is the first step towards relaxation. For many, the next step is pouring a glass of wine before snuggling into the couch. For others, a special dinner or celebration may be cause for uncorking a bottle of wine. No matter the reason, wine is a treasured drink for many when they want to sit back, or "sip back," and relax.

Sip Back & Relax is a deep red, wine-colored linear holographic polish. This merlot-inspired shade shows off its sparkle best in bright light, while indirect or indoor lighting will let the rich cranberry hue shine.

Two coats

Stream On, Stream Away

There's something comforting about re-watching a favorite show. It's so easy to head over to a streaming service, select a favorite, and reexperience all the emotions the emotions that made you fall in love with a show in the first place. For those who hate to be left hanging, finding a new show that you can watch to completion is a simple pleasure. One click on a navy blue or red logo can sweep you away into a real-life crime, or a cartoon movie from your childhood.

Stream On, Stream Away is inspired by those binge-watch-enabling services. A deepened navy blue creme, this cool-toned hue covers perfectly in two coats. Stream On, Stream Away is the perfect base for any of KBShimmer's glitter, magnetic, or flakie toppers.

Three coats

Love At Frost Sight over Stream On, Stream Away

There are people who just love winter. That sparkling first frost on the ground excites them as they tune up snowmobiles, break out the winter gear, and start checking when the slopes will open. For others, that first frost ushers in a season full of family gatherings and celebrations, all while staying warm and bundled up inside. Team winter or not, you can't deny that the sun glittering off thousands of icy prisms on frosty mornings is a beautiful sight!

Love At Frost Sight is a sparkling silver magnetic polish. Layer over your favorite shade and use the magnet for a mesmerizing silver effect. You can use this magnetic polish over lighter shades too, for a unique, shadowy look that allows the silver effect to really pop.

One coat with S/S Magnet

Baking Spirits Bright

Sugar, crinkle, frosted or ginger, cookies make a holiday table so festive and bright. Creamy frosting makes the perfect background for colorful candy sprinkle. Nonpareil sprinkles in red and green take a cookie from plain to festive with just a flick of the wrist.

Baking Spirits Bright is a frosting-white crelly nail polish loaded with nonpareil-like glitters in red and green.

Three coats

Sol Amazing over Thyme On My Hands

The sun is remarkable. It helps nature grow, warms the earth, and lights up the sky. Those radiant beams of light also helo to create rainbows! Sunlight refracting through prisms, reflecting rainbows after a rain to color the sky, or causing snow to sparkle like glitter, without the sun, life would be a lot less colorful!

Sol Amazing is a celebration of rainbows. Thin flakes in a clear base easily shift to show off shades of red, orange, gold, green, and, at extreme angles, aqua. These incredible flakes are best worn over darker colors but will ass a pop to any manicure. Love the flakes in Sol Blue or in our Endless Summer collection? These are it!

One coat

Knit Happens

There is something about knit that makes me happy. It may be fond memories of older relatives knitting afghans and mittens. Maybe it's the warmth that a favorite knit sweater brings on a crisp day. Or how seeing a long, knit scarf wrapped around a snowman never fails to bring a smile to my face. All I know is that when winter hits, knit happens!

Knit Happens is a bold red polish with a jelly finish. Color-shifting flakes show off hues of crimson, orange and gold, and in low lighting you might catch a glimpse of lime and green. In bright lighting, micro holographic flakes sparkle and shine.

Two coats

Celebrate Good Shine

Glittery shoes, shimmering eyeshadow and sparkling décor are part of many celebrations. Noisemakers on New Year's, ornaments on trees, or a favorite dress for a birthday night out, a bit of sparkle always seems to add that special touch to a celebration.

Celebrate Good Shine is a pale champagne-colored holographic polish. A mix of micro and small glitters in a copper and gold holographic finish combine for a nail polish with mega sparkle!

Three coats

Bearly Awake

Daylight Savings Time in the fall is hard. It seems that we leave the house when it's dark and arrive home in the same lightless sky. That combination of increased darkness and lower temperatures has us wishing we could sleep the winter away, cozy in our homes like bears do. Most winter mornings, being warm under the covers with the snooze button easily reachable tempts me to grab a few more minutes of sleep. When I finally rise, I find myself bearly- I mean, barely - awake!

Bearly Awake is a blackened cerise thermal polish. When cold, a black cherry color set off color-shifting flakes in shades of pink, orange and indigo. When warm, a bold, pink-leaning ruby hue glitters like jewels, with the flakes giving it a jelly-like appearance.

Two coats

How's It Growing?

Cactus, Ficus, or a Fiddle-Leaf Fig, indoor plants are all the rage. It's nice to bring a piece of the outdoors in, and a bright green plant can boost your mood and make your home beautiful. Even winter can bring beautiful blooms and colorful hues when you have a green thumb!

How's It Growing? is a nod to plant lovers filling social media feeds with propagating tips and sprouting avocado seeds. An emerald green jelly base is accented by holographic micro flakes that sparkle in bright light. In lower lighting, color-shifting flakes show off hues of orange, gold, lime and Kelly green.

Two coats

Shamash Hit

At a time when many feel a miracle is needed, the story of Hanukkah can give one hope that everything will be all right. A long time ago, The Temple of Jerusalem was being rededicated after destroyed by a King trying to eliminate the Jewish religion. Part of that ceremony involved lighting the eternal light. There was a problem though: all but one day's worth of oil was destroyed and it would take days to acquire more. Miraculously though, oil for one day managed to burn for eight! That miracle and dedication is now celebrated as Hanukkah: for eight days, using the Shamash, a candle is lit on the menorah to celebrate that jar of oil burning bright.

Shamash Hit is inspired by those flickering lit candles and long-ago burning oil. A pale golden base quickly shows off hues of peach, orange, and copper as this shimmering multichrome shade flickers through flame-like hues. Linear holographic sparkle adds a pop of rainbow that shines in bright light.

Three coats

The Love At Frost Sight Collection launches TODAY at 10 AM EST!

It is always so hard to pick favorites when KBShimmer launches a new collection, and this collection is no exception. I have a particular weakness for vibrant jellies so Knit Happens and How's It Growing? in particular first caught my attention, but I also adore Shamash Hit, Baking Spirits Bright, and Celebrate Good Shine. This collection is fantastic because there is really something for every mood!

In addition to these 10 shades, there are also four multichromes which are a last minute addition to the collection. The just landed at my door last night after a misdelivery to a neighbor, and I will be sure to get them swatched and shared as soon as possible. Or perhaps I'll save them for some nail art instead? Let me know which you might prefer! KBShimmer has a great group of swatchers already, so I may let them take the lead on the swatching and let my creative side take off.

In addition to the collection, KBShimmer's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will also be launching today at 10AM EST. Enjoy 15% off your entire order until 11:59 PM on Monday, November 30th.

Are there any shades from this collection that have caught your eye? What are you thinking of picking up this season? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


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