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365 Days of Color: Sunny's Hand Cream Review

Good afternoon, dear readers, and Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe that yet another year has come and gone, and I look forward to some big changes this year.  I am a complete slacker and still haven't made a single resolution, but then I guess I don't have to feel bad about breaking one already!  ;)

Today's blog post is featuring the new hand cream made by Sunny of 365 Days of Color.  I had heard some amazing things about this product from a couple people, and I was so excited about getting sent some to review!  The dry Arizona weather is so rough on my skin, and I go through so much lotion it's ridiculous.  That being said, I'm a total wimp when it comes to the cold, so it really is one of the best places I could live, until I'm able to move to Hawaii one day that is.  A girl can dream, right?  Let's get to the review for now and dream about a tropical paradise a little later...
First Impressions
The first thing I noticed about the hand cream was the smell wafting out as I was unscrewing the jar.  I must not have been feeing particularly wintery when I opted to review Cucumber Mint, and the smell is simply divine.  The scent is mostly cucumber with a light touch of mint, and it's a great choice for those that like a little bit of fragrance that isn't too overpowering.
Despite knowing that the hand cream was whipped, I was still a little surprised when I first saw the product itself.  Maybe I've done way too much baking recently (actually, I KNOW I have), but it reminded me of the texture of egg whites that have been whipped to a firm peak.  It appears so light and fluffy, and definitely not what I was expecting from the hand cream.  I was intrigued by this product because I had heard good things about it already, but I had to try to get egg whites out of my head before I could test it out.

The hand cream also has a little bit of gold shimmer, although it was difficult catching it on camera.  If you click on the photos to get larger images, you might be able to pick up on the shimmer.
I can honestly say that this hand cream is very different from any product that I have tried before.  I scooped a little bit of the cream from the lid that had shifted there during shipping, and I found the texture odd.  Even though it appears light and foamy, the texture itself is more reminiscent of frosting.  When I applied the cream on my skin, the emulsion first broke down into what looked like fine curdles of milk before quickly melting into a liquid with the consistency of melted butter.

I have included a series of photos so you can hopefully see the effet, but it melts so quickly I'm not sure that you can catch it all.  I applied a small amount on the bottom area of my hand and a much larger amount to the top so you can see it more easily.
It was difficult to capture both applications on camera; thankfully I have a lovely little scar in the area I rubbed the small portion on cream to use as a reference.
While not fully rubbed in, you can see that is has completely melted. I was also able to capture some of the gold shimmer in this photo some.
Final Thoughts
I know that some people really love this, but I'm sad to say that this hand cream was a flop for me.  I found the texture to be a little too off-putting for my taste, and I never felt as though it soaked in and actually moisturized my skin. Instead, I was left with a persistent greasy feeling that did not go away until I washed my hands.  I thought that perhaps I was using too much product, so I tested it multiple times using various amounts, and each time I was left wanting.  Either my hands were too greasy, or I was using so little I felt like they weren't benefiting at all and had an odd almost waxy feeling.  Neither feeling is appealing to me in general for any sort of body cream or lotion, and I especially don't like it on my hands.  That being said, I know a few people that love it, so I just have to chalk it up to personal preference.

Links and Additional Info
Sunny's Hand Cream can be purchased at the 365 Days of Color store in both 2oz and 4oz sizes.  Due to having to keep the product stocked and the bulk nature of the packaging, fragrances are limited to a select list and does not include all the scent options normally offered by 365 Days of Color.  That being said, there are currently 31 scents to choose from so you're really not THAT limited.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

XOXO,  Jen

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  1. I've seen varied reviews on this product...people definitely either love it or dislike it! Thanks for the review! :)

    1. It definitely is one of those products you either love or don't! Ultimately it really depends on personal preference. Just because it's not for me doesn't mean it isn't for other people. :)

  2. I definitely did get the greasy feeling no matter how much/how little I used, and when I did it right before taking photos I kept dropping the camera! But, I liked it as a nighttime cream right before bed :)

    1. I had some issues with the camera as well, and I had to bribe the hubby with cookies to get him to take some photos for me. I couldn't take them fast enough when I tried and he was a big help. :)

  3. Thank You for your HONEST REVIEW!!! Finally someone has the the GUTS to post something honest!! I can't believe how many people are posting anything other then something negative! This cream is beyond nasty! The texture is gross, it is all lumpy. It is so greasy. It's like putting Vaseline on your hand. Using food items in lotion no go! It may smell good but it's not even worth a penny. SAVE Your MONEY! Too many other hand creams on the market! And the packaging, how boring!

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