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Ludurana Supernova Polishes

Good afternoon, lovelies!  I hope you have had a wonderful week thus far and have something fun planned for this weekend.  My weekend will incude catching up on sleep, but I am really looking forward to it.  I've had several early mornings this week, and I'm trying to sleep as much as I can.  I know I won't be able to when the baby arrives, and I really wish it were possible to bank sleep!

For today's post, I have several of the Ludurana Supernova polishes to share.  I absolutely love the Ludurana brand, and have always found that they apply so smoothly and easily.  The Supernovas were no exception, and they are truly dazzling in the sun.  Not only are they holographic, they are also have colour shifts!  I found the colour shifting to be subtle in several of the polishes from this collection, but there definitely is some.  Of course the holo effect makes it a little more difficult to make out exactly what colour changes are taking place, but I will describe it as best as I can.  Prepare for it's kind of this but kind of this.  LOL!  I applied two coats of polish for these photos, and I did not use any top coat.  Let's check out some pictures!
This is a gorgeous colour, and one of my favorites from the collection!  I'd probably describe it as a rose-leaning light taupe.  I found the colour shift to be very subtle with this one, but it occasionally looks a little more rosy or tan than the base colour.
Fenômeno has a more apparent shift, and you can definitely see it in the first photo. The base colour is a silvery pale blue, and it shifts over to a pinky-purple. 

Galáxia is very similar to Fenômeno, and they actually look identical in the bottle. Galáxia is a hair darker blue, and the shift is more of a darker purple.  

Onda De Luz
Do I really have to say that I love Onda De Luz?  It's no secret that I love my orange polishes, and this one is no exception!  The base colour is a lovely coppery orange, and it shifts to a gorgeous golden yellow.

Órion completes the Galáxia-Fenômeno trifecta and is the darkest of the three colours.  It is more plummy purple-tone that shifts to a pretty blue- purple.

Because Órion, Galáxia, and Fenômeno look identical in the bottle and pretty similar on the nails, so I went ahead and swatched these side by side for easier comparison.
Fenômeno - Galáxia - Órion
As you can see, all three of these are different colours after all.  They actually make a nice gradient, and I kind of wish Ludurana had more polishes in this collection to complete the gradient.

Final Thoughts
I LOVE this collection and need to get Celestial when it becomes available again in the US.  I'm generally not one that needs to get full collections, but I know I'm missing out on a good thing and this situation needs to be remedied as soon as possible.  I should also point out that these polishes are scented.  I'm not familiar enough with perfume scents to really describe them, but the scent is definitely present.  I'm pretty sensitive to smells, more so now than before, and I didn't the fragrances to be too strong and over powering.  I didn't find the smell of these too distracting from doing routine tasks, nor did it give me a headache than similar items occasionally cause for me.

Links and Additional Info
Unless you happen to be traveling to Brazil or have a Brazilian swap buddy, you'll have to order these online from a distributor.  Llarowe is my go-to stockist that feeds my addiction, and they can also be found at Ninja Polish.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. These are some gorgeous holos! I've been wanting to try Ludurana but haven't found a swap buddy yet...guess I'll have to get over to Ninja! Thanks for the swatches! :)


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