Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How About a Massage for Valentine's Day?

Good evening, dear readers!  I hope you enjoyed the weekend and have had a good start to the week thus far.  Today's blog post is inspired in part by television, but mostly by a product I'm sure you will enjoy.  I'm one of those people that has to have the tv on in the background for noise, and unless I am obviously watching a program (laptop down and eyes on the screen), I can rarely tell you what is actually on at any given point.  Something I have noticed, however, is that the volume is so much louder during commercials than during the actual programs.  Sometimes I can continue reading away on my computer, but they often distract me and grab my attention for several seconds.  Now that January is coming to a close and February is almost here, the channels are packed with commercials for Valentine's Day.  You know what I mean- the men always give their significant other a sparkling new piece of jewelry and the women all swoon over the gesture and their new bauble.  Sure, these commercials are cute, but are they really based on reality? I enjoy a nice sparkly adornment as much as any other woman, but I feel like these commercials put too much pressure on our partners to buy us expensive gifts.  I don't know about you, but I prefer a more intimate and bonding experience with my partner, and I have the perfect solution that is sweet AND won't break the bank.  How about a massage using massage oil that has been customized just for you and your partner?  I know that's what I would want the most!  I have Glisten & Glow to thanks for preparing me for a romantic evening with the hubby.
I've reviewed numerous products already by Glisten & Glow, but I just cannot seem to get enough of this brand!  Jill, the creator and mastermind behind the brand, is a dear friend of mine and always a delight to work with.  Once you select your product, she has over 95 scents to choose from, and Jill is always happy to accomodate special requests.  I've always been very sensitive to smells even before becoming pregnant, and Jill makes sure to use a lighter hand when scenting my products.  Once you have your product and scent selected, Jill will customize the label for you.  Because I wanted to review this for my blog, I asked Jill to use "The Jedi Wife" on my label.
I really enjoy this massage oil!  I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes at me and saying "Of course you do, you just got a massage!" BUT I was the one massaging the hubby's messed up lower back.  Ha!  I've used several different massage oils and lotions over the years, but I prefer this one.  Many other oils are way too thick for my liking, and my hands feel like a disgusting grease pit after I'm done.  Lotions, even those that are designed for massage, sometimes soak into the skin too quickly and you start to slough off dead skin cells mid-massage: that's definitely not attractive.  I like this massage oil because it is thick enough and doesn't get absorbed too quickly, but it isn't too thick that my hands feel foreign to myself.  Having the ability to choose a scent is an added bonus; I love that I have a massage oil that I enjoy from a quality perspective in a scent that both my husband and I like.  I'd definitely recommend picking up your own customized massage oil from Glisten & Glow and spending the evening either pampering or getting pampered by you favorite Valentine!

Links and Additional Information
Massage oils and other Glisten & Glow products can be purchased from the Glisten & Glow Bigcartel store.

Also, keep your eyes on the Glisten & Glow Glisten & Glow Facebook page for updates on sales and new products.

Until next time, dear readers, have a great evening!

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  1. Actually. since Valentines is coming this would be great help for me. Thanks for this tips.

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