Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And What a Beauty It Is!

Good afternoon, dear readers!  I hope this post finds you both well and warm!  It's been so cold here in Arizona this winter, and my heater decided to stop working for us the coldest few days of the season thus far.  Thankfully it is now fixed, and I can do more swatching!  The last thing I wanted to do was the remove my gloves and unbundle myself from the layers of clothing and blankets that were keeping me warm!

For today's post, I have the aptly named Black Beauty from SoFlaJo's new Matte Love collection to share.  I was highly intrigued when I first received this polish to review because I knew absolutely nothing about the collection when I received it.  I had no idea that the collection was going to be featuring matte polishes, and I stared at the bottle for a little while trying to determine if it was going to be a matte or a black holographic polish.  I didn't have to wait too long to find out the answer- I got my answer right away as I started painting my nails: it was a holo!  I had one wet coat on my nails and spent some time talking with the hubby while it dried.  When I looked down to paint a second coat on my nails, I was shocked to see that my nails were now matte.  What was this craziness?  Surely this polish isn't both a matte and a holo!  I just HAD to have been wrong with my assessment that it was a holo in the first place.  Dear readers, I was amazed to discover that I had in my hands the most awesome combination of finishes that I never imagined would even exist- a polish that is both matte AND holo!  I had never seen anything like it before, and I asked another lacquerhead if she had ever heard of the combination.  She claimed she's never seen it either, so this just might be the first one on the market!  Let's check out some photos!

Two Coats of Black Beauty (no top coat)

Two Coats of Black Beauty (with top coat)
As I mentioned above, I used two coats of Black Beauty for these swatches.  I almost had complete coverage with just one thin coat, so if you tend to use slightly thicker coats, you may not actually need a second coat of Black Beauty to reach opacity.  The formula was sublime, and this polish applied like a dream!  The holo is subtle- this isn't a crazy linear holographic polish that some people love and expect from holographic polishes.  I'm personally in camp "less is more" and love the modest holo effect adding a touch of pizzazz without overpowering the base colour.  You can best see the holo on my pinky finger the most in these photos.  

Photo courtesy of SoFlaJo.com
These are the other polishes from the Matte Love collection.  I love matte polishes, and these colours are amazing!  I think SoFlaJo is trying to get me to reach outside my normal comfort zone: I am even intrigued by the white and yellow polishes!  

Extra Links and Information
SoFlaJo polishes can be purchased from either SoFlaJo.com or etsy.  At the time of this posting, the Matte Love Collection is only listed in the SoFlaJo site.

Keep an eye out of the SoFlaJo Facebook page for shop announcements!

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  1. Jen thank you! I loved reading this post. You made me giggle a good deal of the time. I'm glad it both surprised and impressed you. Such lovely swatches as well! Thank you! :)

  2. Oh, this polish is gorgeous <3 You also have amazing nails :D


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