Monday, January 7, 2013

My Feet Have Been Slushied!

I think this might be the most random-sounding title I have ever used, but I couldn't think of anything more accurate to use for today's blog post.  I am thrilled to be sharing a brand spankin' new product provided by Glisten & Glow, and I really hope you love it as much as I do!

For those of you that are not familiar with the brand, Glisten & Glow is the creation of mastermind Jill, a dear friend of mine, and she sells an assortment of customizable bath and body products in addition to the infamous HK Girl Top Coat.  I have reviewed several other products made by Jill, and you can check out those reviews here and here (spoiler alert: they're awesome).  When Jill first mentioned to me that she was thinking of selling her new Jellie-Cure Foot Treatment, I knew I had to get some to test out and review.  My poor feet were really starting to suffer, and I needed an easy way for me to soften them and prevent dryness.  The Jellie-Cure is made up of crystal mud (which is an assortment of natural plant extracts), aloe vera, and ginseng, and it is designed to do just that in addition to reducing foot odor and sweating.  Let's check it out!
First Impressions
The Jellie-Cure Foot Treatment product actually consists of two 2 oz. screw-top jars.  One jar contains the scented granules that make up the jellie that you soak your feet in, and the other is used to dissolve the jellie after you have finished with your treatment for easy disposal.  The jellie portion is scented strongly enough and coloured, whereas the dissolve portion is white and unscented; it is highly unlikely that you'll mix the two up should you not screw the caps on right away.  I chose to review lemon, and I love the scent.  It seems a little stronger in the jar, but you only need to use 1/4 of the jar in a footbath so it's really not too strong when you're actually using it.
I had a horrible realization when I was ready to try out this foot treatment- I don't own a footbath!  I had offered it as a gift suggestion to the hubby as a holiday gift this year, but he had other things up his sleeve instead.  While I was contemplating a trip to the store to buy one (and the needed shower before leaving the house), I spied an empty shallow plastic storage bin under my bed and decided to give it a go instead.  I added hot water to the container and proceeded to pour 0.5 oz of Jellie-Cure (1/4 the jar) into it.  I stirred it together with my hand, and the particles started to slowly expand into a very watery slushy consistency.  After about a minute of mixing, the granules had expanded further to a nice thick slushy consistency and was ready for use.

I eagerly plunged my feet into the Jellie-Cure, and it was one of the weirdest sensations I have experienced.  Even though it looks like a slushie, the consistency is more reminiscent of jello except it is warm.  The Jellie-Cure was able to retain the heat relatively well in my make-shift footbath, although I'm sure it would have lasted longer in a normal insulated one.  It may be warmer in Tucson than other parts of the country, but I have tile floors at home and they get cold!  I soaked my feet and had fun squishing the jellie with them for about half an hour before deciding I was done.  I wiped off my feet as much as I could with a towel before quick rinsing them in the tub and applying lotion to them.  

Since I no longer needed the Jellie-Cure, I scattered approximately 1/4 the container of Dissolve-Cure over the jellie mix, and some of it started to dissolve immediately.  I added some hot water and let it sit for a couple minutes; when I looked at my little bath again, all the jellie had dissolved into the liquid and I dumped it down the drain.  Easy as pie! 

Final Thoughts
I'm totally digging this new product!  My feet definitely felt much softer even after the first use, and I will be enjoying the experience again in the future.  It is a nice way to spoil yourself and your feet, and cleanup was a cinch.  I'm not a fan of products that require a significant amount of prep time and clean up, so the Jellie-Cure Foot Treatment is perfect for me.  It smells nice, and it's just fun to play with!  It is currently available in Lemon, Lavender, and Menthol, so you have a few fun scents to choose from.

Links and Additional Information
Jill's birthday is tomorrow for me, now for her (gotta love the time difference), so she is having a Birthday Blowout Bash for the next 24 hours to celebrate!  Right now, many items in her Big Cartel shop are available at reduced prices, including the new Jellie-Cure Foot Treatment.  The sale ends 11:59PM EST on January 8th, so take advantage of it while you can!

Also, keep an eye out on her Facebook page for other fun shop announcements.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!

XOXO,  Jen

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