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Makeup Your Face Polishes- Part II

Good evening, dear readers!  I wanted to share the remaining polishes I was sent to review by Lauren of Makeup Your Face.  In case you missed it, check out my previous post where I featured a polish that is currently available for purchase in addition to two others from a collection that will be released later next week.

It feels like it was just Christmas, but it's already that time of year when the Valentine's Day themed polishes are making their appearances.  I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day.  I've had my fair share of dating jerks over the years that would treat me so well on the holiday because it was expected, and then turn back into a frog on February 15th.  As a result, I prefer to not do anything special for Valentine's Day and enjoy the sweet gestures my husband makes year-round because he was thinking about me.  Of course I'll paint my nails something festive and cute because that's something I like to do, and I am enjoying some of the Valentine's Day polishes people are releasing.  Let's check out two Valentine's-inspired polishes by Makeup Your Face!

Anti V-Day Party
Anti V-Day Party is part of the "Be You" Valentine's collection.  After all, who says you can't have a fun time on the holiday without a significant other!  I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to swatch this over at first, but because it technically IS an anti Valentine's Day polish, why not go for a look that screams something other than Valentine's Day?  I already had the gorgeous Fairy Garden featured yesterday on my nails, and I thought it would be a nice non-Valentine's look.  Of course when I made that decision, I didn't realize that my fingernails would end up looking like Christmas trees!  Well, that's  certainly not Valentine's Day!  I used one coat of Anti V-Day Party over Fairy Garden, and topped my nails off with two coats of top coat for the photos above.

In spite of being packed with glitters, this polish applied perfectly for me.  The glitters dispersed easily as I swished the brush over my nails, and the glitters left the brush easily where I dabbed over some over the open areas.  I had the slightest bit of texture on my nails with one coat of top coat so I opted to add a second coat, but one coat might be enough for you if you don't mind some texture or are a little more generous with your top coat.

As much as I enjoyed Anti V-Day Party over the green, I couldn't help but think about how Christmas invades Halloween and Thanksgiving; how could I possibly do this to Valentine's Day as well?!?  I decided to swatch it again, this time layered over three coats of Zoya Sirena.

Just having it swatched over these two colours really reminded me of just how different a polish can look depending on how you layer it!  I found both these looks to be too different to really compare, so I'm not sure which look I prefer.  While I tend to shy away from crazy multi-coloured glitters, Anti V-Day Party really won me over.  I love that there is a predominant colour (black), and it keeps this polish pulled together nicely for me.

I Taupe You Love Me
I Taupe You Love Me was a happy accident, and as a result the recipe never was written down!  This polish is limited to only 14 bottles, and if the brown and pink colour combination is your thing, you'll want to snag this one while you still can.  I layered one coat of I Taupe You Love Me over two coats Zoya Pasha on my ring finger, and the remaining fingers are two coats of I Taupe You Love Me.  This polish was surprisingly top coat hungry for me, and I followed it up with two coats of top coat.  As you can (hopefully) see, you get a lot more of the pink and brown glitters when you use a second coat, and I prefer it a little less glittered.  I actually expected this to be more sheer when I first started to apply this polish, and I was surprised at how much coverage I got with two coats.  There were maybe touches of visible nail line if I looked at my nails just right, but it really depended on how the glitter was laying on my nails.  The application was easy enough- not too much clumping and the glitters dispersed pretty easily when pushed around, but dipping the brush in the bottle didn't yield consistent amounts of glitter.  In spite of the polish being thoroughly mixed and appearing uniform, I could dip my brush in the bottle and end up with a few pieces of glitter and the next dip would result in three times as much glitter.  I didn't find it problematic, just something interesting to note and keep in mind if you're neurotic enough like me to want to try to keep approximately the same amount of glitter from one nail to the next.

Final Thoughts
I really enjoy both of these polishes, and they are a welcome addition to the Valentine's Day-inspired creations on the market.  I think my favorite thing about them is that they are not over the top sickeningly sweet, and while inspired by a day based on love, I didn't spy any hearts.  Obviously shape preferences vary from person to person, and I like that Lauren ensured there are options on the market for those that want a Valentine's Day polish but just don't care for hearts.  

Links and Additional Information

Both of these polishes are currently available at Makeup Your Face's Etsy shop.

If you're a Facebook user, keep you eyes peeled on Makeup Your Face's Facebook page for shop announcements, new collections, and contests.  Lauren has a Valentine's Day nail art contest planned that should be lots of fun!

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  1. OMG!!! These nail colors are all stunning! Love all the colors for they all look elegant and classy. Perfect for any occasion. I wanna have one of these. Love it!


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