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KBShimmer: New Multi Chrome Polishes

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Greetings, dear readers! It may be Friday here on the west coast, but it is now officially Saturday on the east coast and I can share this post with you! While I normally prefer to get my posts up earlier in the day, I assure you, these polishes are well worth breaking my "blog rules" and posting asap! I recently shared the KBShimmer shades that have been created exclusively for Polish Com later this month in Brooklyn. In addition to those two beauties, KBShimmer is launching two six piece collections! Since it is night, what could be better to share this evening than the ultra sexy multi chromes! Joining two previously released KBShimmer multi chromes, Shade Shifter and Pigment Of My Imagination, are six jaw-dropping morphing beauties to grace your finger tips. Let's check them out!

Puns And Roses
Two coats

Puns And Roses is a soft shade that starts off a rosy pink color. As your viewing angle shifts, warm yellow gold and green hues pop through, with a hint of deeper green at the edges.

I share in KBShimmer's love of pun-y names, and Puns And Roses was the perfect place to start this post! This applied like a dream for me and I love the change of colours as I move my fingers! The green hues are more obvious at certain angles that others, and while I definitely saw the shift often, I couldn't quite capture the full effect in a photo still. Multi chromes really are best appreciated in video form! Carrying on.....

Flip Flop Hooray
Three coats

This shift shade starts with a rich emerald green, which morphs into shades of teal and navy, finally flipping to a warm grape purple with hints of magenta and red. Flip Flop Hooray is truly spectacular, with its complex shifts based on viewing angles.

Flip Flop Hooray is one of my top picks from this new release, although that's just my personal preference. I just adore the green, the blue, and the shift onto the warm purple! The formula is fantastic to boot; it is one of the sheerer KBShimmer shades I've used, so it did require three coats for full opacity.

Wine Not?
Two coats

More complex than the finest wine, at first look you see a warm burgundy shade, then you notice as angles change, that shades of purple, gold and bronze appear. Wine Not? is a shade that is absolutely not bordeaux-ing!

Wine Not? is another fabulous colour, and since I live in wine country, it is another perfect shade for me! The formula is sublime and easy to work with; while I only needed two coats for opacity, those that paint with very thin coats or have longer nails may need a third coat.

Iridescent Exposure
Two coats

Iridescent Exposure is a complex color shifting shade that starts with a dusty teal color. From the dusty teal, we see shades of cyan and blue, cool purple and rich magenta reds. This jewel toned shade is not to be missed!

Iridescent Exposure is another favorite for me- I just can't get over my love of teals! This polish is truly a sight to behold, and the formula is perfection to work with!

Chroma Chameleon
Two coats

Chroma Chameleon is a vibrant shifting shade that morphs from a bright fuchsia pink, to a coppery rose, then a soft gold, to a spring green color when you change your viewing angles. This polish will leave even the most talented chameleon jealous!

Any one else have Culture Club's Karma Chameleon stuck in their mind now? This is a fabulous shade, and I wish I could have gotten a photo of all the shifts! While I couldn't get a flattering angle to photograph the green shift, you can easily see it on the bottle in my middle photo (and easily on the nails at different angles). The formula of this polish was really nice and applied like a dream.

It's A Blazing
Two coats

It's A Blazing is a warm toned polish with an awe inspiring color shift reminiscent of fall. It starts with a warm rich burgundy red color, then as your fingers move, a rich bronze shade then pops out. At extreme angles, golden yellows and orange colors appear. This nail polish has more colors than a forest in autumn!

Completing this collection is a beautiful warm multi chrome. It's A Blazing is aptly named, as it makes me think of sitting by a crackling fire on a cool night. The only thing missing are the S'mores! That being said, I like toasting my marshmallows in the summer too so who says this is a fall-only colour! It's lovely, and like the rest of the shades in this collection, the formula is sublime!

The new Multi Chrome polishes will be launching at the KBShimmer booth at the Polish Convention in New York on April 29th. They will then launch at, and select salons and retailers on May 5th. All six of these polishes are gorgeous, and you definitely want to pick up these beauties!

Do you have a favorite shade from the new Multi Chrome launch? Iridescent Exposure and Flip Flop Hooray are my top picks, but I love them all! I'd love to hear what your choices would be!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!

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  1. Oooh, Wine Note is a fave - not just for the color (purple) but that name! :) Give me a glass! Gorgeous swatches Jen!

  2. These are stunning! Im really drawn to Flip Flop Hooray and Wine Not.

  3. Beautiful swatches. I had so much fun with these seeing al the different colors.

  4. Flip Flop Hooray is beautiful, and now it's got the song stuck in my head! haha "Hip hop hooray...hoooooo...hayyyyy...hoooo"

  5. They are absolutely stunning! Flip Flop Hooray is my favorite, for sure. I'll definitely be picking it up when it comes out, and probably a few of the others.

  6. Gorgeous swatches. I can't wait to pick up a few of these!

  7. These are soooo gorgeous - I can never get enough of multichromes!

  8. Ok I've got to try using drops! These look amazing!

  9. These are so so amazing. I'm just blown away!

  10. These are really gorgeous, the colour shift is beautiful x


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