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Sweet Heart Polish: Magical Memories Collection

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Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is off to a fabulous start! It was definitely a busy one for me, especially on the blog front, but I still got to enjoy some quality time with the family. I've escaped the house so I could get this post written in peace, so let's jump on in!

I've been hoping to see more from indie brand Sweet Heart Polish, and it seems as though the universe decided to make that happen! Cassandra, the creative mastermind behind the brand, has put together a beautiful collection of multichrome polishes that will be launching this upcoming weekend, and I am positively giddy to be sharing them with you this evening!

The Magical Memories Collection currently consists of five limited edition shades. More colours will be added to the collection at a later time, but these are the beauties you can look forward to painting on your fingertips in the very near future. Let's get a closer look at them, shall we? One quick note before I jump into more photos: I've done my best to capture the shifts in these shades, but there were times when the shifts were present, but as soon as I moved into my light area, the colour shift refused to be present. I'll have comments on the colour shifts below each set of photos, but these polishes can best be appreciated in real life. Let's check them out!

Arabian Nights

Ultra chrome that shifts from a royal blue to purple to golden orange

Anyone else feel the need to sing the song from Aladdin or is that just me? Whether you do or not, there is no question that Arabian Nights is a beautiful jewel-toned polish! I was able to capture the blue to purple shifts easily enough, but that pesky orange, while definitely present at some angles, was sadly too elusive when the camera was present. I adore this colour shift combination, and I am happy to report the formula was fantastic and easy to work with. Shown with two coats.

Royally Jewelled

Ultra chrome that shifts from indigo to violet to a yellow green with blue and red glass micro flakes

I'm not gonna lie, photographing Royally Jewelled was a royal pain in my behind. While this polish starts out as an indigo, my camera refused to capture that facet in spite of it being so obvious to the eye. You can see some of the indigo, especially on the bottom photo where the glare is most present, but my camera just loved the violet shift. In spite of the issues in gave me when it came to the photography, the formula of this stunning shade is on point. I'm a sucker for glass micro flakes so this is a favorite for me, and I have it swatched in two coats for this photos.

Pete & Elliott

A yellow to green to slate blue ultra chrome with a splash of linear holographic magic.

Oomph, how pretty is this! I remember a time when I avoided all yellow polishes, and I am so glad I have gotten over my aversion of the colour! Pete & Elliott is predominately this fabulous golden yellow shade, but you do have subtle shifts to green. I actually didn't see the slate blue shift the short time I wore this, but I'm guessing I just didn't play with nail angles enough to see it. Regardless, this polish is beautiful! It has great pigmentation, and while I have it shown here in two coats, those that paint with thicker coats or have short nails may find they only need one coat for opacity.

Fawning Fairies

A teal to violet to gold shifting ultra chrome with teal to purple shifting chrome flakes

If something this majestic is making fairies fawn, I want to know what the fairing are fawning over! This polish is exquisite and another favorite from this collection for me: it is the added teal shift that is slaying me. This applied flawlessly to opacity in two coats, as shown in these photos.

Mushrooms & Doodlebugs

An amazing pink to gold to true green ultra chrome with a splash of linear holographic pigment.

Mushrooms & Doodlebugs is such a pretty polish and the name is adorable! Like the rest of the shades in this collection, the formula was easy to work with, and I only needed two coats for opacity on my nails.

The Magical Memories Collection is launching on the Sweet Heart Polish etsy shop at Noon PST Sunday, April 30th. This is a limited edition collection; only one batch was made for each colour, and they will not be remade. The future shades that will be added to this collection will also be limited as well. The Magical Memories Collection will retail for $11 per bottle.

Do you have a favorite from this collection? Fawning Fairies may be my favorite, but it's so hard to choose just one! They are all stunning, and you can't go wrong with any of them! Definitely put the date on your calendars so you can grab the ones you want at launch!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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  1. The color shift on Fawning Fairies is stunning! I love how you captured the shift in these!

  2. Wow these are so pretty! They really look like chrome nail colors that are achieved with powder.

  3. I was blown away by Pete & Elliott when I swatched it. All these colors are so pretty. Mushrooms & Doodlebugs is beautiful on you!

  4. This is such a gorgeous collection. I usually like just 1 or 2 in a collection but these were all just beautiful!

  5. This is a new to me brand. The colours are really gorgeous!

  6. Your water drop shots look so pretty!

  7. I don't recall hearing or seeing anything from this brand before but it's gorgeous and the colors are so pretty.

  8. I want Fawning Fairies! It's been a while since I saw such evident, stunning shift on a polish!

  9. Fawning Fairies is stunning! NEED!

  10. These are so sparkly on top of having a nice shift!

  11. I'm so in love with this collection!!!! Perfect for sunny weather!!!

  12. Beautiful swatches. I love Mushroom and Doodlebugs the best!

  13. These don't really look that shifty? But they are def pretty metallics!

  14. Beautiful collection! I need to purchase Mushrooms & Doodlebugs.

  15. I love Pete & Elliot!! Beautiful swatches :)

  16. These are so beautiful, the shift in these polishes is gorgeous x

  17. I hate that they are so limited because they are beautiful!

  18. Oh Jen, I totally sang the Aladdin Theme when I read Arabian Nights. You just HAVE to. THese are really pretty.


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