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Beauty Finds from Cosmoprof North America 2017, Part 1

Greetings, dear readers, and happy Saturday! I am mostly back to my normal routine now that I am settles back home from my trip to Las Vegas, and I am eager to share my finds from Cosmoprof North America with you! I hope you are ready; this is going to be a photo-heavy post! Because there was A LOT to see at the show, I'm going to break this up into two blog posts to help make it a little easier for those that prefer to read on mobile devices. Let's dive on in!

Glamour Me is a dedicated beauty lounge where participants can have their nails, hair, cosmetic, and skin care needs addressed with personalized attention. There were eight different exhibitors within this this area, and services came at a $20 suggested donation fee to the PBA Foundation. I didn't have any services done myself, but I did pop in the lounge and spotted Destinee Handly having braids put in her hair.

BOUTIQUE is another section of CPNA I always look forward to visiting and sharing with you. Show organizers meticulously go through brands and products that are offered in this highly-trafficked area, with only 20 exhibitors selected! Show attendees are permitted to choose any selection of 7 products and a $10 donation was collected for the Look Good Feel Better Foundation. I personally enjoy visiting this area and like knowing I am contributing to a noteworthy charity. I will have a more detailed post on what I picked up along with a list of all the contributing brands and products in a future post.

Skinn Cosmetics was certainly a key stop for me while at the show this year, and they have several fabulous new products this year! I am particularly excited about the Enlightened Radiance Youth Capsules and hope they work out as well as promising! 

Skinn Cosmetics also has a new Collagenesis Age Reset Eye Serum with NAD and HGF-7 Complex that sound promising as well!

Ice depuffing and cooling balms and drops are sure to be a big hit to help soothe dry and dehydrated skin! These products are only a fraction at my finds at the Skinn Cosmetics booth this year, and I'll have a future posts with more products including those I will be testing out for myself!

Note Cosmetics is a brand that I discovered last summer, and I have really enjoyed the quality of this affordable brand. The downside was the very limited choices in foundation colours, and unfortunately, they originally left out options for those with pale and darker skin tones. I am happy to report that they are substantially increasing their foundation colour palette this fall to include a much wider set of skin tones! 

Note Cosmetics will also be releasing new lipstick shades, and their matte liquid lip has had packaging changes so that the plastic is frosty to make it even easier to distinguish between their matte lip and glossy finishes.

We will also be seeing the addition of four new mascara formulas!

Londontown showed off their new Hype Park Collection for this fall, and I am in love with these shades! There are four new polishes adding to the brand lineup, and I am smitten with the artwork for this collection!

While shades from the Hyde Park Collection can be purchased separately, they can also be purchased as a beautifully packaged set that also includes base and top coats. The front of this packaging includes the beautiful horse artwork, so if you are a fan of polish and horses yourself or know another equestrian polish lover, you may want to add this set to your shopping list!

I just shared the new Ittse Glambition palette on my blog, and I naturally had to stop by the Ittse booth while in Las Vegas! I managed to keep my makeup load for this trip under control due to limited luggage space through use of these customizable palettes and still had three different looks for each day of the show!

We will soon be seeing the launch of new cream blushes from Ittse, as show in the middle row (fourth one down) in this photo! I'm definitely looking forward to their launch!

I really enjoyed my visit at the Le Chat Nails booth this year! It's a brand I enjoy, especially since they offer the same shades in both their gel and Dare to Wear lacquer formulas. While you often see traditional nail lacquers on my blog, I do occasionally wear gels on my fingertips and always on my toes, and I like the quality of Le Chat in particular. That being said, I somehow missed the memo that their mood polishes were also available in gels, and I had to snap a quick shot of their temperature driven colour changes above. While changing colours on  nail wheel are far from ideal, I am a furnace and still managed to heat up the center of several of these nails so you can see the change from cold (outer portion) to warm (inner part).

Le Chat Nails will be launching the beautiful Modern Muse Collection this fall. These six shades are so perfect for the season, and I already see myself gravitating to Grace, Athena, and Felicity!

We will also soon be seeing the Exposed Collection, a set of six beautiful nudes. As much as I love colour on my nails, I really like the palette cleansing experience of a good nude, and I'm excited for all these shades!

For those that want their nails noticed all hours of day and night, I suggest checking out Le Chat Nails' Gelee 3in1 Glow Powder. Your nails will be glowing once the lights go out, no special lighting required!

Stir your senses and inspire your mood with colour and skincare products by Prismologie! The mood enhancing properties of each colour is translated to the skin through the use of crushed gemstones and enriching fragrances. Not all products are made with each scent and colour, and while I found it strange at first glance, it quickly became an aspect I appreciated as I delved further into the brand. As a firm believer in the power of colour and gemstones, this is a brand I was eager to visit at CPNA, and I will be revisiting closely again soon as I picked up a few samples to test out.

As a mom with limited time and funds, I am a fan of Manna Kadar Cosmetics' 3 step simplified beauty routine! As a palette lover, I like their new Paris palette (not pictured) and the beautiful new Day Dream palette (top palette). I am happy to share that Manna Kadar Cosmetics will soon be launching another mid-sized palette inspired by goddesses (not pictured) and this larger palette (below).

Orly had a booth at the show, and I snapped a photo of the new Velvet Dream Collection for fall coming very soon. I also saw the new holiday collection although we were not permitted to take photographs of it at the time. There is a particular shade in the holiday collection that I LOVED in the bottle, and I suspect it will be very popular should the formula work out well!

Orly will also be expanding on their Breathable line with more mostly-neutral shades.

Color Clutch is a new-to-me brand, and I'm now left wondering how I managed so long without this product! It's no secret I own a lot of polish, and with different brands some a variety of shapes and sizes. Storage of polish can be tricky for that reason, and Color Clutch has the solution with their fabulous containers! Using a special foam insert, these cases can accommodate 14 bottles on polish in a range of shapes! I actually brought one of these babies home with me on the plane, loaded up with polish, and I am beyond thrilled with how well the bottles fit and safely transported my new pretties home with me!

The Color Clutch case is designed to easily sit on its side anywhere you wish to store it. One side has a handy white column for swatching so you can keep track of what shades are in each case without having to pull them out and inspect them. My polish collection is substantial so these aren't ideal for me for storage, but they are perfect for those with smaller collections. I also like to travel with several bottles so it is perfect for me to travel. Color Clutch will also been be coming out with a three-holder case for travel for those who prefer to take the essentials on their adventures. I'll have more about this brand on my blog soon!

Doucce Cosmetics was present with their customizable palettes, and while these aren't exactly brand new to the line, I kind of love this photo and had to share!

Something I AM eager about are the new matte lipsticks. I had the opportunity to try one of their matte shades last year, and at the time, I was really unhappy with just how dry the product was. After reformulating and testing, Doucce Cosmetics has released a new line of matte lipsticks that are reported to be of significantly better quality than what I tried previously. I adored the colour of the lipstick I tried last summer so I am very hopeful about these changes!

One of the biggest differences about my visits to Cosmoprof North America in previous years is my increased interest in K beauty! I checked out several Korean beauty products this summer, and one stop was at the Dr. Althea booth.

I particularly loved this Multi Water Drop Pack Gel! This overnight sleeping mask goes on as a cream, but as you massage onto the skin, water droplets form on the skin. These purportedly increases the water retention capacity of the skin and is deeply moisturizing. I'm certainly intrigued by this product and will have to pick some up to test out for myself!

Who wouldn't want a printer from O'Nine! Using an app on your mobile phone, you can transfer any image you wish onto your nails for a fun and truly unique manicure! While this product may be a little too expensive for at home, I did enjoy testing it out and hope to find a local salon that has one of these! Or maybe I have found the product I will be splurging on when I have the disposable income....

Also from O'Nine are Nail Easy water-based nail polishes. These 4.5mL bottles come with a keychain for easy transport and last for approximately 7 days before easy peel off. The cylinder shape of these bottles is incredibly cute in general, but their Halloween bottles come in the black cylindrical shape complete with cat ears! As an avid Halloween fan, this was love at first sight!

The eyes are the window to your soul, and Divaderme Cosmetics will help you make a lasting impression! Not only do their mascaras and brow products add colour and help fill in your lashes and eyebrows, they are filed with treatments to condition, strengthen, and volumize your natural lashes and brows within four to six weeks. Beauty plus treatment in one? Yes please!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is a HOT HOT HOT summer, and what could be better to help cool you down than the Lisse Real Hydrogen Yuza Snow Ice Cooling Cream! I tried this on the back of my hand, and it definitely had a nice cooling effect on my skin. This product will exfoliate, refresh, soothe and moisturize your skin, and the lovely woman I spoke with at the booth claimed she stores her in her refrigerator for an even more cooling boost to her skin. With 110+ degree days in Las Vegas, I'm sure that felt incredible!

Korea Cosmetic Star (Kocostar) offers a large range of masks for your face, hair, and hands, and they were showing their new lip mask at the show. How great is this packaging! We're often using regular masks on our face, leaving our poor lips without any special treatments, so these were a refreshing site to see at the show.

And that, dear readers, concludes Part 1 of my Cosmoprof North America finds! Needless to say, I was a very busy blogger in Las Vegas, and I loved every minute of it! 

Is anything in particular grabbing your attention from this post? What would you like to see more of? I have a few samples to try out, and I'd love to hear what you want a more in depth look at first! I don't have everything in this post, but I'm happy to focus on what you want to see that I do have first! I'll be back next week with Part 2 of my CPNA finds so I can spend some quality time with my boys this weekend. There are so many more fun things to see so I'll be back!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I stopped by Note several times but couldn't get help. It was disappointing since I enjoyed our visit last year. I need to try leChat gels!!!! It's cool they can make color changing polish in a gel formula!! I want to try that for sure! Very nice post full of all kinds of interesting things.

  2. Orly's new collection for fall looks amazing! Soft and dark colors - YES! Those neutral palettes from Manna Kadar has me drooling! I can't wait to see your next post! Love these kind of posts. :)

  3. Ahhhh yay for this post. I couldn't make it this year but missed being there. The new orly breathables are totally my jam! Loved seeing all the makeup too.

  4. I was anxiously awaiting your CPNA recap. I hate missing the show, but I knew you would have a solid recap. It looks like there are a ton of neat products coming out soon!

  5. Awesome recap! I love Londontown polishes.

  6. Yuza Snow Ice Cream sounds really awesome!

  7. I love CPNA coverage! I'd love to attend in person, it looks like heaven!

  8. Wish we could have gone again this year! Going to plan to make it next year. Love discovering new to me brands.

  9. Oh my goodness, Cosmoprof looks like it would be SO much fun to go to! That Ittse display...I would've spent forever swatching all the shadows, lol. One of these days I wanna go to a makeup-related conference! Seems like it would be SO much fun!


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