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Beauty Finds from Cosmoprof North America 2017, Part 2

Happy Monday, dear readers! If you saw my previous post, I shared several of my beauty finds while attending Cosmoprof North America recently. There were a lot of brands and products to investigate, and while my feet were sore by the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! Like my previous post, this one is LOADED with photos of products that caught my attention. I am really eager to share the rest of these with you so I'm going to keep the chitchat short and jump on in. Ready? Let's do this!

Magnetic makeup palettes got turned up ten fold with MYO Cosmetic Cases! Brand new to the market, this case offers a few different things that the more traditional magnet palette does not. One of the key differences that appeals the most to me is the addition of these removable beauty pods. Coming in both large and small sizes, and available for purchase in sets on their own, these pods seal completely and are ideal for transporting your liquids and serums for when you only need a small amount for a few days. It's definitely a space saver when you don't have to travel with your full-sized bottles, and with travel restrictions concerning flying with liquids as carryon, I am bordering on obsessed with these! The fact that the backs are magnetic and can fit easily in this palette means they also won't go missing in your luggage, another frustrating experience I've dealt with quite a few times with my recent travels. They are also great to put your contacts in for more compact traveling. These cases also come with a little black bar that can be shifted around wherever you please. This is great if you like the visual separating of creams from powders, or if you have a mini brush you don't want rolling around in the case. They also come with the coloured and interchangeable rings that can be seen from outside the case, making identification of products while closed easy, and they act as an extra measure to keep contents in your case should one of your powders crumble in travel.

There were several skincare brands in attendance, and one that really captured my attention is K beauty brand Acwell. With a focus on natural skin care, this line is ultra easy to use with their numbering system to help the consumer apply products in their correct order.

I love wearing false lashes, and I was intrigued by these lashes from Battington Lashes. These lashes are 100% handmade using silk for an ultra lightweight product that can be used for 25 times per pair! These strips are very flexible to easily fit the contours of your own lids and simply beautiful!

While there are a number of amazing products to see at Cosmoprof North America, I am definitely excited about these creams and boosters by Bio-Extracts! With multiple skincare concerns, it can become overwhelming trying to find the right combination of products to apply to your skin. Bio-Extracts has made it easy! Consumers start out with a base cream, each with a different weight and formula based on how light or heavy you need for your skin. From there, you can mix in up to four different supplements or "boosts" that are targeted to specific skincare concerns. You are essentially making your own personalized skincare cocktail at home mixed into one unique product! I love the premise behind this brand, especially since my skin care needs are always changing and I don't like having to find a whole new set of products. Bio-Extracts should have you covered with everything you could possibly need!

I am definitely a lipstick kind of girl, and I am fascinated with the new Velvet Air Lipsticks by Ecru New York. This applies to a lovely satin finish, but with the swipe of your finger, the finish changes over to matte! While I cannot speak about how well this works at the time of this post, I am intrigued by it and hope these work as well as the brand claims!

USA Cosmetics has been bringing top K-beauty brands and products to the American market for 20 years, and they had a small selection of their brands at the show. How cute are these animal masks!

Berrisome is just one of the brands partnered with USA Cosmetics. I really need to try these lip tints!

And even more brands! USA Cosmetics distributes more than 70 brands! I actually have a few different products from the company to try out so you'll be seeing more from this distributor on my blog soon!

Pili Ani products are made with pili, derived from "The Chosen Tree" in the Phillipines. This secret superfood also benefits the skin with enriched antioxidants and natural fatty acids. It is also environmentally sustainable in the region, something else I can appreciate about the brand! I have a sample of this beautifully packaged product to test out myself, so you'll be seeing it on the blog again!

I am very familiar with using saffron in cooking, but Saffron Secret was inspired by the teachings of ancient healers to create these innovative products utilizing the ingredients in saffron in their beauty products. Their flagship product is a smoothing hair treatment, and it straightens hair without the use of damaging chemicals.

Infused with real flowers, Blossom Cuticle Oil softens, hydrates, and repairs cuticles. This cuticle oil is available in 12 different scents: six floral and six fruity.

Blossom also offers a base and top coat nail treatment that is also infused with flowers. The 5-free formula strengthens nails while adding shine. As someone that uses a lot of base and top coat, I am intrigued with this product and particularly curious if the flower particles break off and gets onto the treatment brush.

I love scrubs, and I was particularly drawn to the colourful display at the Body Boom booth!

Body Boom scrubs are made in Poland using coffee and other natural ingredients. They come in a variety of scent options: coconut, banana, grapefruit, strawberry, mint, and mango.

Sometimes you come across a company that you love just based on principle, and Bloom Mineral Beauty is just that for me. Created by a Christian woman in a predominantly Muslim country, Bloom Mineral Beauty products utilize minerals from the Dead Sea in Jordan for a unique nourishing treatment for the skin. The company's workforce is also composed predominantly of women! I'm excited about this company and am hopeful the sample I picked up works well for me! You'll be seeing it on the blog soon!

One of my stops included a visit to The Sage Lifestyle, a company that specializes in artisan perfumes and candles. The packaging is beautiful, and the scents are unique and wonderful! Often with scent brands, I like a limited selection of offerings, but with The Sage Lifestyle, I actually really liked every scent I had the pleasure of smelling and couldn't pick a single favorite!

Palladio Beauty has launched several new products to their lineup, including these newer color-correcting concealers! I don't want to give away too much information in this post as I will be visiting the brand again soon to share specific products joining the brand lineup in addition to testing them out for myself.

One of my stops included a visit to the Bel'Oceane booth where I discovered the different Masqu'Oceane. This marine peel off mask is able to penetrate the deepest level of skin layers for a thorough skin treat.

Girlz Only is a dry shampoo that is sadly not yet available for purchase here in the US. The company was hoping to find a distributor so I'm crossing my fingers it was a success!

I had the pleasure of viewing the upcoming fall collection by China Glaze. Named Street Regal, this collection consists of 12 shades that are perfect for the season!

I was also able to view their new collection for Halloween, named Happily Never After! I am happy to report that this Halloween will include new shades rather than repromotes like last year. We will also see the return of their iconic glow in the dark shade, Ghoulish Glow.

Another scent booth I visited is Raw Spirit Fragrances. The brand sets itself apart from others in that it works with Indigenous and marginalized communities to take consumers on a unique journey to some of the world's oldest communities. This socially-conscious business aims to play a vital role to bridge the gap between philanthropic and commercial endeavors.

VENeffect is an anti-aging skincare brand that offsets the signs of hormonal aging utilizing plant technology. This brand was founded by a sister team, one of which is a obstetrician/gynecologist while the other is a skin care expert. With such a strong background in skin care and hormonal aging, I expect we'll be seeing wonderful things about this brand!

Styling routines can be harsh on our hair, and Hot Tresses has set out to create beautiful, manageable hair without harsh chemicals and the use of heat styling products. You can take their survey online to access your own haircare to create your own plan for healthier hair.

I travel all the way to Las Vegas only to discover a brand in my own backyard! The Marin Bee Company offers and luxurious natural and organic skin care collection created using California wildflower honey. I love the idea of supporting local companies so I'm definitely going to have to pick up a few products from Marin Bee to test out and review on my blog!

Biotop Professional is a haircare brand that offers a range of products to cater to your hair's specific needs. The 911 line is one of their key lines that uses quinoa to treat dry and damaged hair. I have a sample from this brand to test out and will be sharing the results with you at a later time!

Ella+Mila has been on the beauty scene due to their nail polishes, but they have recently increased their product lineup to include liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks have been very popular since their launch, and I have a few to share on my blog soon. Without giving away too much information, they will be adding more colours soon that I think people will be really happy to see!

Morgan Taylor Lacquer will be taking a trip to Spain this fall with their new Matadora Collection. These shades are perfect for the cooling temperatures and shorter days! I'm definitely planning to enjoy these beauties on my nails!

And this, dear readers, concludes my beauty finds from Cosmoprof North America! I'll be sharing reviews of individual products as I go through the samples I picked up, and if there is something in particular you would like to see, please let me know! I don't have samples of everything, but I will try to review what appeals to you first!

If you are in the beauty industry and considering attending, the next edition of Cosmoprof North America is scheduled for July 29th through the 31st, 2018. I know I'm hoping to be there!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  13. This event sounds really fun, great post Hun x


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