Wednesday, July 12, 2017

That's a Wrap: May and June 2017 Empties

What's this, May AND June empties? Yes, dear readers, I'm afraid I completely missed writing about my empties from May so I opted to just lump it in with June, especially since I only had I believe 2 or 3 items to share at the time. I have a few more items after the end of June to post.....

It's actually fewer items than I thought I would have emptied, but being out of town for vacation plus the loss of a family member the end of May just put a damper on just about everything for me so I was happy with just a quick shower most days. Thankfully I'm in a better space mentally than I was last month and I may actually pamper myself a little bit this month. Now on to these empties before I continue my ramblings!

The past two months saw the end to several skincare products as these make up the bulk of this post.

GENIUS WHITE Brightening Anti-Aging Cream, Algenist
After trying out a few small samples from the brand and after seeing a lot of positive reviews about this product, I opted to pick this up and try it for myself. While this product is a little pricey, $90 for 2 US fl oz, I was really happy with my skin after using it. Even though I wear a lot of sunscreen, I often end up with darker spots on my face, but this helped to even out my skintone nicely after about three weeks of application. My skin felt so smooth and moisturized, and while the price tag is a little hefty, I found it to be worth the splurge. I'm currently in the middle of testing another product, but I'll definitely be picking up another jar if I ever have extra funds again.

#Happy Hour Facial Mask, Biobelle Cosmetics
I discovered Biobelle masks last summer, and they've become my go-to mask for when I want to give my skin an extra dose of love. After wearing this mask, my skin felt smoother and looked brighter, and my smile lines were softened. I'm definitely going to be picking up another one of these!

Foaming Facial Cleanser, Clean & Clear Essentials
This isn't the first time this cleanser has appeared on my blog either! While I mix it up with different wipes and micellar waters, I always find myself going back to this product. Readily available, super affordable, and extra gentle on my skin, this is the only cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean without being too harsh on my sensitive face.

Daily Facial Towelettes, Kirkland
I'm SO CLOSE to finishing off my box of these I bought from Costco! While I liked them more when I first got these, the more I use them, the less I like them. They're great at removing dirt and oils from my face, but they also strip away moisture a little too well. They're not great enough that I'll repurchase, but they are acceptable for occasional use, particularly when I am exhausted and just want to pass out at night.

Green Tea Face Mask, Sephora Collection
I picked this up completely on a whim because it contained green tea and did not pay too much attention to the details on the packaging. Apparently this particular mask is best for mattifying the skin and reducing the appearance of acne, and while I did benefit from the mattifying effect, I wasn't concerned with blemishes, at least not when I used the mask. I do wish I had it to use now that I'm trying out a new moisturizer that is making me break out..... I did enjoy this mask though and will likely pick up other versions in the Sephora Collection.


Dry Shampoo, Klorane
Ack, I'm so sad to see my beloved container of dry shampoo empty! I really love this dry shampoo for the occasional hair refreshing, and it has been my favorite of all the brands I have tested to date. Even though it may be a little more expensive than some other brands, it takes me roughly six months to go through the container so cost isn't much of an issue. I'm definitely picking up more of this dry shampoo!


Acetone Antidote, Baroness X
The Formosa Fruit Punch-scented acetone additive was part of Monthly Mythical Mysteries box from last July, and it only took me forever to use it! I actually could have shared this on an early empties post, but I wanted to finish the complete container of acetone + this additive so I would have a clear opinion of the product. As much as I love Baroness X, I'm really sad to say that I did not like this additive. I go through a fair bit of acetone with swatching, and up until trying this particular product, I have always mixed up my own additive to add to acetone. While this particular one may help prevent the harsh effects of acetone on its own, I was not happy with its performance when compared to my own mix. My nails and cuticles just dried out far too much when I used the acetone antidote with the acetone so I'll stick with my own for now.

Cotton Rounds, Swisspers
While cotton pads could easily be part of my skincare section, I use substantially more when it comes to nail polish removal. I LOVE these particular pads, especially the smoother side since it doesn't leave fibers all over my fingertips like the quilted side does. I was pretty upset when I discovered my Costco stopped stocking these, but when my brain fog lifted, I realized I could just order them online elsewhere. Mommy brain is a real thing!


Breathe Spa Bath Bomb, Fragrant Jewels
At one time, I decided I wanted to treat myself to a monthly candle-of-the-month club for a few months from Fragrant Jewels, and one month, I did NOT receive a candle but instead got this bath bomb and a few wax melts. This company includes rings inside their products, and they are revealed (enclosed in secure packaging) when the candles are sufficiently melted or bath bombs have dissolved enough. I've tried a few of their bath bombs before, and while I have enjoyed a lot of the scents, they aren't particularly moisturizing to the skin. I also scoff a little bit when I find my ring, input the corresponding code onto their website, and see the value of my hidden ring is anywhere between $10 and $25. I don't know how they appraise the values, but since none of mine have been silver or better metal and the stones are cloudy, I'm going to say they aren't worth much. Of course you pay for the full experience, and I can at least say I've tried it. That being said, I cancelled my membership and won't be picking up any more products from Fragrant Jewels: I'd rather spend less on better quality bath bombs or save up my money and buy good jewelry.


They're Real! Lengthening Mascara, Benefit Cosmetics
While I wear mascara often, I've not tried a large variety of brands, and this travel-sized version of They're Real! is actually the first time I've tried this mascara. I was pretty blown away with how well this lifted and separated my lashes and it is definitely going on my list for whenever I work my way through my giant mascara mountain. At least I've been staying on top of throwing them away every 1-2 months like I'm supposed to!

And that, dear readers, concludes my That's a Wrap empties post for May and June. I'm trying to be better about using the same products consistently and actually work my way through my stash rather than have multi items open, so I'll hopefully have more to share on that soon. I've also been setting aside products I really dislike and won't ever empty to just throw away, but let me know if you want me to post about those too! Perhaps a products to pass on post is in order?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. This is a great group of empties. :) Those cotton rounds are my absolute favorite! I was also glad to see your opinion on the makeup wipes, as I've been thinking about picking them up. I'll have to check out a different brand!

  2. I'm a fan of that Clean & Clear foaming wash as well!!

  3. Great job using up a lot of full size products. I'm a big fan of Swisspers (I buy them at Costco 8 at a time for about $10) and I love They're Real. Glad to read your thoughts about the Kirkland wipes coz I was considering trying them. I definitely don't need wipes that dry my dry skin out!

  4. I'm going to have to look into that face mask. It looks intriguing.


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