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Beauty Products I Keep in My Desk: Iridescent Style With Born Pretty Store

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While numbers vary from person to person, we roughly spend 50% of our awake time at work, assuming of course you work an 8 hour day and get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. With so much of our day committed to it, it comes as no surprise that people often decorate their surrounding with touches of home or things that reflect their personalities. About a year ago, I started working part time with the same company my husband works. While it doesn't account for 50% of my awake time, nor would it anyway since moms of young kids never seem to get 8 hours of sleep anyway, I still spend time there and have made my desk my own. Some of the features that make it my own include my Ellagee & Gradient coffee mug, Rebels and Outlaws Magick Hands Conditioning Hand Sanitizer, University Games Skull 3D Crystal Puzzle (affectionately named Yorick, after the jester in Hamlet), and the key feature of this post, my brand new iridescent zippered pouch from Born Pretty Store. I've kept a few beauty products on hand loose in a desk drawer, but once I received this beautiful green iridescent pouch, I just had to bring it in with me to store my goodies!

This pouch is made of see-through iridescent mylar and is available is a range of colours, from the green seen here, to yellow, a pink-leaning red, a magenta-leaning purple, blue, and a colourful clear-to pink-to-yellow version. While mine is "green", at certain angles it looks red and others a golden yellow. While it may be sheer, the colour shifting nature adds a touch of privacy to these bags if you'd prefer to keep your contents a little more private.

This is a great little bag to keep a few essentials on hand. Sized at 8 inches (20 cm) long, 1.75 inches (4 cm) wide, and almost 3 inches (7 cm) deep, it is too small for my daily makeup products, but it is perfect to hold a few key items for touchups! These are the items I keep in mind with room to spare for a few other things:

  • Cuticle oil - I am currently obsessed with the Pistachio Macaron scent from Bohemian Polish! Not only does it smell delicious, the roller ball applicator applies the perfect amount of oil for ultra hydration to my cuticles with much appreciated fast absorption. I can get back to typing away on my keyboard without worry about getting the keys oily in no time!
  • Oil absorbing blotting tissues by Palladio - with my combo skin, I have multiple packs that I keep everywhere!
  • Yes To Carrots Color Balm in Rosy Bloom - I wear lipstick most days, and while I am usually good about taking my colour du jour with me, so days I forget. I like to keep this lightly tinted balm on hand for when I want a warm hint of colour on my lips should I need touchups, usually after drinking lots of coffee! While I prefer my lips to be more opaquely coloured, using a lightly tinted colour means I don't have to worry too much about colour clashing with my eye makeup. This one is just about empty and doesn't seem to be available any longer so I'll have to replace it soon with a similar colour!
  • Julep Way Butter Hydrating Lip Sheer in Plumeria - just as I keep my Yes To Carrots balm on hand for days I forget to bring my lipstick with me, I keep my Julep lippie in Plumeria for a pink berry option. It is also a lightly tinted so it can coordinate with cooler eye looks but not clash like an opaque colour might.
  • Small folding brush - while I rarely need my brush at work, I'd much rather have one on hand and not need it than need one and it not be there! I may not be able to commit to a single eyeshadow palette for any length of time, but this brush has been with me for many years and is a discontinued item from Avon. I don't even know how I ended up with it, but it has gone on many adventures with me!
  • Hair tie - I generally don't pull my hair up, but when I do, I like the Sugar Twists from Milk & Sass. These are perfect at keeping my hair back and out of the way without adding uncomfortable pressure or causing hair breakage. They also feel comfortable on the wrist, since my hair ties always inevitably end up there at some point!

If you are looking for the perfect little pouch to store your touchup essentials at your desk or in your purse, this is a great option to consider! While I just have the one, I'm thinking of picking up another one to store my nail art tools. The only part I'm not crazy about is the string tassel. It is secure enough but not quite my style, so I'll probably switch mine out and put on a fun charm or something similar.

You can save 10% off full priced items from Born Pretty Store with code QWL91. If you opt to order during their 8th anniversary celebration from October 10th - October 16th, be sure to include this code in the comment section (regardless of whether or not you use it) and they will include a special free gift with your order! I'm not sure what the free gift with purchase is yet, or how they'll be deciding the purchase amounts before increasing the number of free gifts, but it'll be like getting a holiday gift for yourself! I have the anniversary celebration marked on my calendar since I like to take advantage of their deals as well to stock up on some supplies!

What sort of beauty essentials do you keep with you at work? Do you have a fun little bag to store them in? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I didnt know YES TO had lip products too! I'd be interested in trying those out. And my husband actually likes to use those oil blotters too!

  2. That little makeup bag is so cute! I also really like the coiled hair ties. They hold my long, heavy hair so well without creasing it or breakage.

  3. What a cute handy bag. I could definitely use one on my bedside table so the resident chihuahua can’t steal everything! :)

  4. I have some cute holo bags for my work essentials and one for my medicines. They make things so much more cheery!

  5. I always have makeup bags w/ me or stash somewhere. Sleep is so important to me or I'd be cranky

  6. I love Bohemian's cuticle oil!!! That bag is also super cute! I need it for my desk at work!

  7. Love that bag. I so need one in a cool color even though I barely carry cosmetics with me. I love that mug, it's perfect.

  8. I love having a pretty space to work in! I'm weird about it tho. I have to compartmentalize things. So when I'm being a full time at home student I work in a more blah area because I want to keep my studio / desk area that I use for all things blogging and creative separate.

  9. ooh thank you for sharing! I love peeking at other people's desks :)

  10. That’s a great little bag! I teach so I feel like I’m barely at my desk and mostly standing and talking

  11. I keep a little bag of items in my laptop bag for when I'm at school but I never thought of putting cuticle oil in there, I need to add that! BTW I'm loving the bag AND that coffee mug in the background <3

  12. I always want t hose weird hair ties but have never tried them. What's the green spray bottle?

  13. I'm envious of how beautifully organised you are! Mine all lie higgeldy-piggledy in my desk, and there was this awful time when I ended up not looking and mistook a highlighter pen for a lip balm.

  14. The Yes to and Julep brands are 2 of my favorites! I always have lotion, lip balm and nail polish on me lol

  15. The born pretty store has so many awesome and cool products!


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