Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mottled Berry-Hued Stamped Nail Art with Zoya Element

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Fall is just under two weeks away, although after a really warm weekend, it is almost hard to believe. I even went to the beach with my family, although up here in Northern California, the beach was an experience with pants and long sleeves as the wind made it quite chilly, especially when we stopped to watch the sun set over the water. It made me all the more eager for fall weather around me, as can be seen with my berry-hued nail art utilizing shades from the new Zoya Element Collection. Check it out below!

To create this look, I started by painting my nails with Zoya Rumor as my base shade. Once that was dry, I took Zoya shades Leighton, Ruthie, and Devin, wiped excess polish off the brush and randomly mottled them over my base.

To complete the look, I used Zoya Maeve and stamped an image from the Ejiubas double-sided Celtic stamping plate over the mottled design. I then added top coat for an ultra-shiny finish.

I've really enjoyed this look, and I hope you do too! I was initially a little disappointed to see the Zoya Element Collection to be so full of pinks and berry shades, especially since I was hoping for oranges and deep teals, but this look has made me fall in love with the collection.

The Element Collection has already been launched and is available for purchase. Each of the shades retail for $10 per bottle.

Have you picked up anything from this collection yet? What shades have been your favorites so far?
What sort of fall nail art are you eager to try out? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Love this! The shade choices are perfect!

  2. wow, this looks so intricate! I love these shades too, super pretty!

  3. Beautiful! I love everything that is going on. It's hard to imagine Autumn is near, it was 106 today.

  4. I haven't bought from Zoya in a LONG time but your look here is beautiful!

  5. Love the colors you used. Today was fall, yesterday was winter, and last week was summer. This would fit my fall day!

  6. How cute is this?!?! I was in a solid color phase all summer. I think I'm ready for some pretty nail art.

  7. Its not my favorite fall collection but I really like what you did with them!

  8. Individually the colors don't really scream fall for me but when added together I get a Autumnal vibe. Beautifully done.


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