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KBShimmer: Falloween Collection, Part 2

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Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope your week has been wonderful and you have something fun planned for the weekend! While I'd like to believe you're here because you love my award winning personality, I know you are particularly eager to see swatches of the second half of the KBShimmer Falloween Collection. I have already shared the first five polishes in my previous post, so let's jump on in with the remaining polishes!

Take It Or Leaf It
One coat with sponged on tips plus top coat

Take It Or Leaf It echoes autumn hues, with metallic flakes that shift from reds, into burnt orange and gold, to hints of green at extreme angles.

Ah flakies, they are such a great addition to polishes in general, but now KBShimmer has made it possible to Flakie All The Things with this beautiful topper. With the range of colour shifts, it is hard to not see the falling leaves of autumn with this baby! The application is smooth and easy with the brush, and you can build up nicely with sponging on the flakes. I still have some nail peeking through so it will take careful placement if you are aiming for full coverage. It's certainly not impossible but would take very precise placement.

Hide And Eek
Three coats plus top coat

Hide And Eek is a white nail polish with a dash of Halloween flair. Purple, orange, black, green, and yellow glitters dance among the crelly base for a subtle holiday manicure.

Perhaps it is just me, but a KBShimmer just doesn't quite feel complete until it includes a glitter-filled crelly polish. Hide And Eek is a fun addition to the brand lineup, and I like that the glitters aren't too over the top. Depending on how strict your workplace is, the glitters in this may be just subtle enough you can get away with it. White polishes are often a little harsher than I like with my skintone, but the glitters help tone it down, not to mention, this will be a glorious base for some festive nail art!

Creep It Together
Two coats plus top coat

Creep It Together is a magnetic polish that comes alive when the magnet is used to form areas of pink, golds, and green, allowing the deepened black base to set off a flurry of colour shifting flakes, from lime, to pink, to hints of blue and gold.

Creep It Together is such a fun polish, especially once you put a magnet to it! While you can see some of the flakes against the base beforehand, using a magnet makes some areas almost black, and there were more flakes in those areas than I originally realized! To create this look, my second coat of polish was a little thick than the first, and I held a magnet over each nail for about 45 seconds. I used the new dual-ended magnet from KBShimmer with the traditional broad magnet on my middle fingers and the circle magnet on the nail tip of my pinkie and at the cuticle of my index finger.

Here For The Boos
Two coats plus top coat

Here For The Boos, a mega flame polish in Halloween orange, is loaded with silver holographic glitters. This shade has so much sparkle that you will shine brighter than any jack-o-lantern.

Orange is my happy colour, so I am beyond thrilled to see Here For The Boos join the brand lineup, and how fabulous is this name! I had no trouble reaching opacity with just two coats, and with all the glittery goodness, you may find you need to use two layers of top coat for a smooth finish. Removal isn't particularly difficult if you use a peel-off base or a short soak using the foil method. For all this sparkle, it's well worth an extra few minutes in the end for removal!

Absinthe Minded
Two coats plus top coat

Absinthe Minded starts with a lime green hue and quickly flows into grass green and blue. At extreme angles, this polish can look navy. This polish is as steeped in mystery as absinthe itself!

Here's a fun tidbit about me you may not know: whenever I visit New Orleans, I make a point to go to the Old Absinthe House for one of their absinthe cocktails and hang out with the other patrons. While I have no upcoming trips planned, you know I'll be sure to be wearing this beauty! Until then, I'll be sporting it while I lay low around town and perhaps throw my own absinthe tasting party for my friends! The formula is ultra smooth although it does have a slight streaky appearance, as often seen with this type of polish. I don't mind it, but those that do can sponge on a final coat for an even smoother look.

The KBShimmer Falloween Collection will be launching September 15th at Polish Con Minneapolis, so those lucky enough to attend will get their hands on these beauties early! It will then be launching on KBShimmer's website October 1st. Each polish will retail for $10 USD.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out my previous post to see the remaining shades from this collection.

What shades are you favorite from the KBShimmer Falloween Collection? Are you drawn towards certain colours or is it the finish that matters most to you? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Take it or Leaf it & Creep it Together are my favs! soooo beautiful. thank you for the swatches you did a lovely job <3

  2. My favorites - the crelly, the glittery orange and that gorgeous flakie! But I'll be picking them all up! :)

  3. KBShimmer has really upped their game for fall. These are great polishes and so unlike the norm.

  4. This collection is stunning. I would love to own all shades

  5. oooh that deep blue sings to my soul.

  6. This is perfectly fall. I think take it of leaf it is the best!!

  7. Here For The Boos is a beautiful color! This color will be a piece of sun on a rainy, cloudy day! Although the collection as a whole I really like it!

  8. That first mani and then the crelly, I'm ded.

  9. I definitely need to grab a few of these!


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