Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Born Pretty Store Holographic Polish #06

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I have a quick post to share with you today, but it is sure to catch your attention! I had the pleasure of testing out a gorgeous holographic polish from Born Pretty Store, and if you enjoy coppery shades on your fingertips, you're going to love this beauty! Let's check it out!

Born Pretty Store Holographic polish in shade 06 is a beautiful light coppery shade. It leans a little on the orange spectrum against my skin tone. If you are hunting for the perfect neutral shade, this one may be perfect for you!

The formula of this polish is ultra-smooth, and it applied easily for me with three flawless coats needed for opacity. It is sheer, so even if you tend to paint with a heavier hand, you'll likely still need to use the three coats. The number of coats is the only real negative I have about this polish, especially since each bottle only hold 6mL. That is a respectable amount of polish and will get you several manicures depending on application, but I personally would have liked this to be available in a larger sized bottle. I really enjoy this colour, so while I very rarely go through a full bottle of polish, this one likely won't last long for me. That being said, I do like the smaller size for traveling!

Born Pretty Holo Polish in shade 06 can be purchased from the Born Pretty Store website here. The list price is $15.88, which I personally feel is far too much for such little product. At the time of this post, it is currently marked down to a much more reasonable $5.99. It is a little more expensive per mL than some other brands even at this reduced rate, but if it's a colour you are contemplating trying out, or if you just don't use up all your polish and prefer smaller bottles, this is a gorgeous option to add to your collection!

While you are visiting the Born Pretty Store website, be sure to check out the site's offerings for all your nail art needs!

Be sure to use discount code QWL91 to save 10% off all full prices items in your cart!

Have you tried any of the polishes from Born Pretty Store? Do you like the smaller bottles? Is this a shade you might wear? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. What a unique color. At the sale price it's a good buy but otherwise too much for a mini.

  2. Dang - that macro says all sorts of "hello" to me. Gorgeous!

  3. Such a small bottle! But it is pretty.

  4. Wow, the holo in the macro is amazing!

  5. Brb while I go buy up all of the BPS holos. This is beautiful!

  6. LOL at the $15.88 price. $6 is much more reasonable! I love these types of coppers!

  7. I'm really glad they lowered the price. How was the smell of this one? I've heard some of their holos are migraine inducing.

  8. Gorgeous swatch and polish. BPS has really come out with some amazing polishes.

  9. $15.88 seems super high for a polish like this, especially considering the gorgeous polishes that indies create for much cheaper. But under $6 is more doable!!

  10. So pretty with your background too!!!


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