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Lyn B Designs for September's Polish Pickup: Leap Pile

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Happy Saturday, dear readers! I know I don't post often on the weekends, but I have a beautiful polish to share with you; I just HAD to hop onto my blog this afternoon and share it with you. Let's jump in!

For today's blog post, I have the gorgeous Leap Pile by Lyn B Designs to share with you. Rather than releasing this on her own site, Jenna, the creative mastermind behind the brand, has joined up with the Polish Pickup for the month of September. If you're not familiar with Polish Pickup, let me fill you in! Developed by the ladies of Fair Maiden Polish, Polish Pickup is a multi-brand project with a specific theme suggested and then selected by Facebook fan group members. Once a theme is selected, assorted indie brands set to work to create a polish that fits the theme. These polishes are them available for a preorder purchase on the Polish Pickup website the first full weekend of each month. This is NOT exclusive to Facebook group members and anyone can purchase from the website. This is a great way to buy themed polishes without having to commit to a full collaboration box that may include polishes you aren't interested in. You buy only the polishes YOU want, whether it is a single shade, the full set of offerings, or nothing at all if nothing appeals to you. Be forewarned, even if you think you won't want the offerings based on the themes or only want a single shade, chances are several will catch you attention! There are no set brands that participate in this project, leaving brands to participate when the timing and themes work best for them.

The theme for the September Polish Pickup is Fall Foliage & Fun, and this is the first month that Lyn B Designs is participating in the Polish Pickup. Introducing: Leap Pile!

Two coats plus top coat
I have a weakness for warm rusty reds, especially when it comes to the chilly autumn days, so I am thrilled to see this shade join the Polish Pickup lineup next month! Jenna describes Leap Pile as a rust red base with linear holo, green galaxy flakes, and copper micro glitter. How perfect is this polish for the fall! One thing to note about this polish is the green flakes are not the vivid green hue one might expect based on the description, particularly if you are not an indie polish maker yourself. Rather, these galaxy green flakes are of a pale, almost sheer, variety, so while they do add a little something to this polish, the effect is much more of a subtle kiss of colour than a full on KAPOW. If you want the flakes to pop more, the best way to do that is to add matte top coat, like I have in the following photos.

While the flakes were more subtle when I had shiny top coat over the swatches, they are much more obvious with a matte top coat! The copper micro glitters are also fun with a matte effect as well!

I was really happy with the formula of Leap Pile. It had a consistency that I love: not too thick or thin, and it applies easily to the nails. I had a random flake lay beyond my nail tips upon application, but they are easy to push back up onto the nail or pull off as desired. I adore this colour, and if wearing can't get you ready for fall, nothing will!

Retail: $10

Leap Pile and other shades for the September Polish Pickup will be available for purchase from the Polish Pickup website located here September 1st through September 4th. Please note this is the ONLY time these polishes will be available for purchase; if you want any of them, be sure to mark the dates on your calendar! Also, purchased through the Polish Pickup are made as a preorder; orders will start to ship as soon as all polishes have arrived from the individual polish brands at the Polish Pickup headquarters. Please allow three weeks for shipping of your order! Trust me, it is well worth the wait!

What are your thoughts about Leap Pile? Is this a shade you would wear for the fall? Do you prefer it shiny or matte? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Beautiful colors. I love the matte look of it, because it's really subtle while packing a huge punch of color.

  2. Love the range and the value. The fact that you can order exactly the one(s) you want as well, without having a whole lot sent through in a package, is great too.

  3. That color is super pretty. I prefer it with the glossy coat. And can I just say, that I'm so happy to see your nails in that shape. The claws that are so popular right now really turn me off.

  4. I really like it with the shiny top coat!

  5. Love the glitter nails😊! They are so pretty. I wish I had the time to do my nails. Even if I had the time they wouldn't come out this night

  6. The colors are beautiful, they look shiny. I will definitely recommend these to my friends. They would love these.

  7. That's a pretty polish! It looks great with the matte topcoat.

  8. Look at those sparkles. How lovely. I'm way overdue to get my own nails done!

  9. That is a really pretty color. Perfect for fall. My girls would love it (and so would I). I will have to look for it.

  10. Okay, I am loving the color and glitter of the nail polish. I am somewhat boring. I stick to french. I need a change.

  11. This nail polish looks so amazing. I know that my daughter would absolutely adore it. I will have to be showing this to her.

  12. What a beautiful color! This would be just perfect for the holidays!

  13. This color is so pretty!!! And the glitter... ❤️

  14. Beautiful colours.I love the gloss look.Also the prices sounds affordable and great considering the quality.


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