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Lyn B Designs: MK Ultra Holos Collection

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Greetings, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well and you are having a wonderful week thus far! For today's blog post, I wanted to share with you the new MK Ultra Holos Collection releasing this Friday by Lyn B Designs. These shades are beautiful, and I hope you love them! Let's check them out!

What a Bluetiful Day

Cerulean linear holo polish

How could you not have a beautiful day with such a lovely shade of blue on your nails! Smooth and creamy, What a Bluetiful Day applied like a dream with two easy coats for opacity.

Retail: $12

Lime and Lime Again

Vibrant lime linear holo

I have developed a weakness for bright green shades, especially during the hot months of summer, so I'm naturally falling for this shade time and time again! Lime and Lime Again applied easily for me and I didn't find the formula to be too thin or thick for my personal preference. This particular shade is one of the sheerer ones from this collection, and while I only needed two coats for opacity, those with longer nails may need to plan on using a third coat.

Retail: $12

I Got a Nude Attitude

Nudey taupe linear holo

Nude shades are the perfect palette cleanser when you need a break from bright hues, and taupe hues are spectacular! It's also a great shade for when you aren't permitted to wear a more vibrant hue, but the added holo makes this polish anything but boring. I have it shown here with two coats, but those with longer nails may require a third coat for opacity.

Retail: $12

Turq-ish Delight

Bright turquoise linear holo

Oh, yes, I am delighted to see this shade: it's just too perfect to not include in a mid/late summer collection! The formula is sublime and it practically applies itself to the nails. I used two coats for these photos, but those that tend to paint with a heavier hand may find they only need a single coat for opacity.

Retail: $12

Why Not Take Olive Me

Olive green linear holo

You might as well take all of me since this polish already already has my heart! Why Not Take Olive Me is a great shade that isn't too dark and can easily work well on your nails across the seasons. I'm going to be giving this one a lot of love as I start transitioning more into fall shades! Shown with two easy coats in these photos.

Retail: $12

You Win Some You Blues Some

Deep navy linear holo

If you're looking for the perfect sexy evening polish or are chomping at the bit for cooler fall days, You Win Some You Blues Some is sure to become a staple in your polish collection! The polish itself may look dark and moody but the name is about as chill as it comes! I have no issues with the formula to report and have it shown here with two coats.

Retail: $12

The Fuchsias So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Bright fuchsia linear holo

Of course, if you're still enjoying the hot summer days, you might as well wear something bright on your nails while you are sporting your sunglasses! If you like brighter pinks, The Fuchsias So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades is a fabulous option for on your fingers or toes this summer! Shown here with two smooth coats.

Retail: $12

Coral Dilemma

Coral linear holo

Much like the name of this particular polish, exactly what to say about it is my dilemma. While it initially started out applying to my nails smoothly, the second coat was a little trickier for me. I also had my two-year old trying to go after the polish on my swatch desk at the time so I think I just overworked the polish a little too much and ended up with a slightly uneven finish. It's still a gorgeous shade and one I plan to wear often, but it is worth noting that it is possible to overwork. I have it shown here with two coats.

Retail: $12

What in Carnation?

Carnation pink linear holo

What in carnation, indeed! While I do enjoy darker pink shades, I generally don't care for lighter pinks. That's obviously my personal preference and not really important in the grand scheme of things, but imagine my surprise when I expected to not like this polish colour and it ended up turning out to be one of my favorites from the collection! It's the perfect warm light pink hue, and add to it the holo, and I am in awe of how delicate and pretty this polish is! I had no issues with application of this polish and really like the formula's consistency; I have it shown with two coats for these photos.

Retail: $12

The Lyn B Designs MK Ultra Holos Collection will be launching August 4th at 7pm EST on the website here

Save 50% off you order of any polishes through August 11th by using the code ULTRA. 

If you wish to purchase the entire collection, this code will also get you the full set for only $50, including free shipping within the US!

There are several gorgeous shades in this collection, and you really can't go wrong with any of them! My top choices are What in Carnation?, You Win Some You Blues Some, and Why Not Take Olive Me. Are there any shades that are grabbing your attention? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the collection!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Olive screams to me! I adore it and you wear it so well!!

  2. Beautiful swatches! I really need that olive big time.

  3. You Win Some, you Blue Some is amazing.

  4. Seriously, why are these called MK holos?! I need to know!

  5. those are all really pretty. As I was reading, I thought oooh that's my favorite! Then I'd see the next one and think oooook THAT's my favorite!!! I think the last one looks amazing on you and if you wore a pink, it should be this! Can you imagine having a job where you couldn't wear whatever polish you want? :-0

  6. The blues & turquoise are calling to me!

  7. Love these! Lime and Carnation are probably my two favorites, but I'd wear them all :)

  8. I love What a Bluetiful Day!!! Such a gorgeous shade!!


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