Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lyn B Designs: Scorch and Blue Moonstone

Press Sample

Greetings, dear readers! I am in a rush this morning, so I'm going to keep the chatter to a minimum and jump right in on nail polish. I was sent the upcoming polish of the month shades by Lyn B Designs, and I have them here today for your viewing pleasure. Let's check them out!


White crelly base with holo flakes, orange holo micro glitter, and red glass fleck

Based on the description, I almost expected Scorch to be more white, but it is loaded with so much micro glitter and flecks that it ends up looking more peachy pink. I often shy aware from white-based crellies since white is often too harsh against my skin tone, but I am in love with this combination! The formula of Scorch is on point; it's not too thick or thin for my preference and applied easy to my nails. I have it shown here with two coats plus a layer of topcoat for a smoother finish.

Retail: $10

Blue Moonstone

White milky vase with intense blue shimmer, subtle purple shift, and linear holo shimmer

Blue Moonstone is sadly not the most flattering shade on me, but please don't let that deter you from this gorgeous polish! It is so beautiful to look at, and with a formula that is easy to work with, it is sure to win you over! I have it shown here with three coats to reach opacity, but it can easily perform as a transformative topper over other shades if you prefer.

Retail: $10

Scorch and Blue Moonstone will be launching on the Lyn B Designs website this Friday, August 4th at 7pm EST. The launch will also include the new MK Ultra Holos; check out my review of the collection here.

Use the code ULTRA to save 50% off any polish purchase through August 11th. If you have you eye on the MK Ultra Holos Collection, this code will also buy the full collection with free shipping within the US for only $50.

Do you have a favorite shade between Scorch and Blue Moonstone? Would you prefer to wear Blue Moonstone on its own or as a topper? I'd love the hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Nice swatches - not too fond of these shades as they wouldn't suit my skintone

  2. Scorch has a really interesting look to it!

  3. Scorch is such a unique shade. I would love to see other colors in that formula.

  4. I looked at the Holo collection from yesterday and that blue is fabulous. These are pretty too but not as nice as the holos.

  5. Scorch is really soft and feminine - I love that upon closer inspection there is so much going on! :)

  6. I like Scorch but Blue Moonstone is a bit brushstroke-y for my taste.

  7. Blue Moonstone looks so magical! I actually don't care about the brush strokes, nobody can see them at a normal distance anyway.

  8. Gorgeous swatches and collection. I think you captured both beautifully!

  9. Those both look nice! I've never tried this brand.

  10. Really pretty polishes and stunning swatches x

  11. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonnderful article. Thanks for supplying thesee


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